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Unable to update Backup Exec 2012 remote agent to 2014 agent

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Hi.  I performed the update from Backup Exec 2012 to Backup Exec 2014 on my server yesterday which went fine, but now I'm left with only one problem.  I have only one server out of 56 other servers that will not take the remote agent update from the 2012 version to the new 2014 version.  I first tried to do the push install and that failed.  So, then I tried to do a manual install and that failed.  I've tried updating to the latest version of .Net Framework, which is 4.5.2 and running all Microsoft Updates too.  After searching extensively on the forums here I've been unable to conclude as to why just this one server didn't work with the any method of install.  All servers are 64bit 2008 R2, only a couple are 2003 R2.  I've also went through some tech articles on how to manually remove the agent, from the registry too; at first I couldn't even remove it through Programs and Features.  So now whenever I try to install the agent, in particular when I try installing it manually by copying the folders off of the media server, the installation gets stuck at the removal point and then fails.  Also, the installer tells me I have the old version still installed even though I can't find any traces on the server.  See attachment of my screenshot.  What do you suggest?


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...any antivirus installed? If so, have you tried to do the update with the AV's services stopped and disabled?


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We have Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 running on all of our servers.  Thanks for the advice I will try and stop its services and try the install again.

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Still a no go with Antivirus off.

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You would have to log a formal support case with Symantec so that the support engineer can manually remove all traces of the previous BE agent.

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Thanks!  I just have.

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Good Day. I have almost the same problem.


After the upgrade to 2014 everything was working fine exept on one 2012 server where I had to upgrad the agent.

The upgrade fail with following error:

Agent for Windows Installation 00025") PACWELAPS01.PACMAR.CO.ZA Agent for Windows Installation 00025 -- The job failed with the following error: Backup Exec cannot connect to the remote computer. Ensure that the remote computer is available, that Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is enabled, and that File and Printer Sharing and WMI are not blocked by a firewall.


I also did everything you did by pushing, manually etc nothing helps.


The server is up and nothing on the firewall is blocking anything file and print sharing are ok everything is ok.


Have you got any feedback from Symantec?

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You have to run a search in your registry for the old agent information.  Look at my attachment on this thread called, "agent update fail.jpg" and you'll see how it fails while trying to remove the old agent registry record.  Search for that record while in regedit and delete everything that the search returns.  Once you remove every record in the registry it'll install correctly.  This is what Symantec did for me while they hopped on my server.

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I've upgraded our backup exec from 2010 R3 SP3 to 2014 last weekend, and upgrading/installing the agents was horror! We've about 40 servers, most of them W2K8 R2, some 2003. 30% of the agents i was able to upgrade through the backup server "install agents" menu. On most of the other servers i had to deinstall the agent on the remote machines (and thank you for the automatic reboot!), and could then push them from the backup server. And the best: I have now 5 Servers with new agent installed, and the server tells me "they are ok, no need to take action", but no chance to establish a trusted connection! I opened a case at symantec two days ago, had since then two phone calls each more then half an our - no result. I'm still waiting for a solution!

As others have written, no one needs security between server and agent! So please take away this "feature", we want simple installation procedures, and running backups from the first minute, nothing more!!!

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i had this problem. solved it and documented under my blog:

let me know if you have any problem

i wrote that on this community as an article but i dont know why Symantec doesn't allow to publish!!!!