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Updating Exchange Server Management Tools on BackupExec server

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We currently have the Exchange Server 2010 Management Tools installed on our BackupExec server for restoring mailboxes or mailbox items.  We have since upgraded our Exchange environment to v2016.  Since Exchange Server 2010 is end of life, we'd like to get this removed.  Can we simply uninstall the 2010 Management Tools, then install the 2016 version of Management Tools?  I don't remember having to do any sort of configuration when originally installed, except to verify a few group memberships.


Employee Accredited Certified

Yes the Exchange 2010 Management tools can be simply un-installed from the Backup Exec server.(This might require a reboot)
Regarding Exchange 2016 Management tools to be installed on the Backup Exec server, This is not a requirement for Backup Exec. Your backups and restores will still work without the Exchange management tools for Exchange 2016.
You can simply connect to the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) URL for your Exchange server from any web browser.

Regarding permissions for backing up Exchange 2016 servers, please refer to the link below -

Do let me know if you have any further queries.