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Windows Update Error 80070020 and Symantec CPS?


we use Symantec Backup Exec 2010 on an Windows SBS2011 Server.

Suddenly Windows Update stops and i get the error 80070020, i dont know if this happen

after installing Service Pack3 for Backup exec.

I search at the web for some solution and find those information:


Is there an solution available?


thanks a lot

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There are few workarounds

There are few workarounds such as the following:

A)Uninstall CPA Agent, reboot, Run Windows Update, reboot, Install CPA Agent, reboot.  

B) Open Registry on the server where CPS Agent is installed.
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\CpsFsJnl\
Change the Start value from 2 to 4
Reboot Server
Run Windows Update to Patch the OS.
Set the Registry key Start value back to 2


Hello, thanks for the fast


thanks for the fast response, what is the function of the reg key (what does it change 2 and 4)



CpsFsJnl is the filter driver

CpsFsJnl is the filter driver for CPS and 2 and 4 values are enable / disable.

BE 2010 is the last version

BE 2010 is the last version of BE with CPS. You should be planning to migrate off CPS

Hey guys, Thank you for

Hey guys,

Thank you for solving this for me. I was having a problem with several 64 bit 2008 R2 Servers patching (error: 80070020), and they all run BE 2010 R3. I tried the "Fix-it" and "Update Diagnostic Tool" from Microsoft, along with recreating the SoftwareDistr. folder, running chkdsk and SFC scans (both came back clean), and a few other things that I saw online. I was about to get Microsoft involved before I stumbled upon this post. I disabled the CpsFsJnl, rebooted, and just like that the servers were patching again successfully.

What are the effects of disabling CpsFsJnl? I would like to keep it disabled so we can keep updates going, and I do not see a fix for this issue from Symantec (this is the only place its even mentioned).


Any info will help. Thanks!