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Windows freezes after starting backupjob

A Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard freezes sometimes after a backupjob has been startet. There are no error in the error log from windows shown. The backupjob log shows that the job has been startet but no files backuped. The freezing is between 15 and 50 minutes after backupjob starts.
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Hi, What is the


What is the memory/resource utilisation of that server during the backup?
When you mean "freezez", does it queue? If so, what message does it give you if you right-click the job and select Respond to Alert?


Hi Craigh Frezzes means

Hi Craigh
Frezzes means sometimes it shows a black window you only can restart the server by hardware, sometimes it shows the login screen and you have also to restart by hardwarereset.

Mmm...what are the hardware

Mmm...what are the hardware specs of that server, and what else is it running besides Backup Exec 12.x?
My suggestion Markus, would be to run Perfmon on that server and see where you have your resources being leached. You can also check in Task Manager and see what your memory and CPU utilisation is for all the BE services.
Also try eliminating things like virus scans running at the same time, application maintenance etc.
Has it just cropped up, or has it been ongoing?

Re: Windows freezes after starting backupjob

Any news here?