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backup exec 2014 additional options

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hello, before upgrade licenses exec 2014 to newest version we would like to check additional trial options like deduplication and ndmp. as we are using it currently in production we do not want to destroy configuration etc on it. ( is there way to backup local exec backup application config from application?) 

back to trials, during choosing option install additional options when i can see my licenses in first window and second one im not sure what i should do to not reinstall product (if i want only add deduplication trial to current configuration)

should i go next > next with currently licenses sighn in and at finish window reinstall them ? or should i remove licenses from first and second window and push install without them ? 

anyway point is to install trial addin deduplication to currently configured production exec and do not loose anything.


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Hi, 1. To backup your BE installation, stop the BE services and grab copies of the Data/Catalogs folders. And make sure bedb.bak is there too as that's the previous night's automatic backup. 2. I don't think you reinstall the application from scratch. You'd simply select the option you want to trial and then run through the rest of the installation. Thanks!

thanks for info about backup config

about installing additional options. there is manuall of how-to but there is not info about currently installed licenses and do they need to be in during isntall additional option like deduplication. 

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They're already installed. You don't need to put them in again unless you're uninstalling BE and then reinstalling it.

Anyways, having them on hand is always a good thing.

what i wanted to tell is that = if i remove licenses and other options of currently installed exec does it break anything ?

if i do not remove licenses and other options that are already tick - does it reinstall all options that even was installed before? and it can be config wipe my settings etc ?

if i do not remove licenses and remove exec backup options only- does it resintall only licenses, and install only option that i need? deduplication for exaple?