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backup exec deduplication option benefit for reduce time and size?

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Hello Everyone,

For backup exec deduplication option, I would like to know when trying to backup 10TB file(estimated), if over 90% file are duplicated, would the deduplication option help for reduce both "backup take time" and "the backup size" ? i hear somebody that the deduplication will help for reduce backup size, but it not helping for reduce backup time, in contrast, it probable will increase the "backup take time".... is it true? and that guy suggesting netbackup. hope somebody can answer my question. thank you

Existing product, backup exec 2010 without deduplication option, backup for exchange, vmware vm, and lot of files. We only forcus on the large number of files backup, so i am thinking we don't need to go for net backup  (enterprise level) and with higher cost.    



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When you use dedup, you are trading a reduced backup set size with an increase in processing and memory usage. There is no free lunch. You may see an increase in backup and/or restore times

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my answer is not exactly a discussion for this forum, but I think you are better to consider some archiving solutions. this will reduce the data in your production mail, files, sharepoint. It will store old data in archive-containers, and will reduce backup storage and time of your production environment