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difference between backup exec 12.5 sbs edition and be system recover 2010 for windows sbs edition & ghost?

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I'm looking to ramp up by backup and desktop disaster recovery and was wondering if anyone could help me understand the differences in these three products.

i want to be able to:

1) backup the exchange and sql data on the sbs server as well as a couple of folder shares on the sbs server.
2) backup the main data folder share on the 2008 r2 member server that is the main repository of data.
3) backup a couple of laptops that create and store data when they return from the office.
4) restore a desktop system to pre fail state in the event of a disk drive failure (mechanical or user induced).

I've reviewed the product docs and am a little confused at the overlap of these three products and the proper agents that would need to be purchased.  Help appreciated and Merry Christmas!