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job failed with the following error: Corrupt data encountered Final error: 0xe000fe36

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Completely out of ideas with this one...

Backup Exec 2010 R3  13.0 Rev. 5204 (64bit) on  Windows 208R2 SP1

Backup has been running without problems, then suddenly from sept 19 onwards, starts giving this error.

The backup completes actually, but keeps giving errors on a particular file, locally on the server where Backup Exec is running:

Backup- \\BE-RS-TS.redstar.local\C:
WARNING: "\\BE-RS-TS.redstar.local\C:\Program Files\Common Files\N-able Technologies\SetupInformation\{B40A188B-5F65-423A-A5DE-A6B3B7419023}\ThirdPartyAvRemover\x64\Uninstalllib.dll" is a corrupt file. This file cannot verify.

The file simply doesn't exist, in fact the directory {B40A188B-5F65-423A-A5DE-A6B3B7419023}  doesn't exist.

- server has been rebooted
- C-drive has been scanned with chkdsk, no errors reported
- selection list created again
- added exception to the selection list for the "SetupInformation" folder  (when graphically browsing for selection, there's no trace to be found of the "corrupt" file or the folders it is in)
- uninstalled and reinstalled the virusscanner and rebooted the server (at the level of the {B40A188B-..} directory this created another directory with a different complex name, but error keeps mentioned the {B40A188B-..} directory)
- backup services restarted several times after changes
- looked in registry for instances of the mentioned file or folders... nothing to be found
- checked VSS writer status, no problems reported
- job priority increased to "high"

I have no idea what else I could try... Trying out AOF option changes shouldn't make a difference since it isn't a case of an OPEN file (?)


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Hi, I've seen BE 2010 R3 get a corrupted selection list, so you can try the following: * Open up beutility.exe and run a database repair. It is non-intrusive and makes no changes, but will fix some corruption; * Create a new selection list and then assign to the backup job again; * Open up the current selection list, deselect the server and save it. Then open up the selection list and reselect it and save it. Thanks!

Thanks, I've tried it out and will report back!

Kinda weird that none of the related KBs mention beutility and database repair...

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If the file reported in the job log does not exist - is this in the System Starte part of your backup jobs or the drive letter part?

If the system State part then it is likely caused by the installer (or uninstaller) of the product that relates to the file in question registering itself as being a key part of System State and then not removing that registration when the file is deleted.

Instances of this occurring are very well known and in fact not unique to Backup Exec as Microsft also had to write an article for the same scenario. We have documented some examples, however as there are an infinite number of possible files that could cause this issue and a reasonably high number of possibilities per problem file to trigger a different error message (OS version vs BE version vs path completely deleted or just file deleted etc) then we cannot document every possibility. 

Our document (which references Microsoft's) is available here


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Oh to add to my presvious comment if this is against the drive letter part and not the System State, check the details view (text list view) of the Backup Selections to see if there are manually added references to the file that no longer exists that need removing from the selections