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recovery of single domain controller. SYSVOL error on recovery

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Hi all, 

We have a Windows 2008r2 AD server that had a hardware failure earlier this week. BackupExec was backing up the environment to tape. 

In order to get things back up and going we had a temp server spun up with Server 2019 and HyperV. I have setup a VM 2008r2 box with the same updates, host name and DNS suffix as the domain. 

I am following the instructions from

I have installed BackupExec on the host server, cataloged the tape and installed the RAWS on the new VM. 

I have attempted to restore the backup to the server however I keep getting the error:

Final error: 0xe000fee5 - A failure occurred restoring because the files cannot be replaced and no alternate location was specified.


The instructions above specify that I should be selecting 'Restore over existing files'

This seems to happen when it's trying to restore the system state. 

Help would be appreciated as this is the only DC and it's a issue!



I think you cannot directly restore from physical server to virtual machine except you use SDR.

You encountered same error when only restore system state?

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It depends. If you have backed up the VM to disk and then tape, then you need to restore the VM files to disk, and then restore to the original location. If the OP used the RAWS agent (which is what seems to have happened), then you can definitely restore from tape to server, irrespective of whether or not it is a VM or physical server.

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If you are running an antivirus on that server, then I would recommend stopping it and trying the restore again.