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vCenter vsphere 6.5 backup on BE 20.3

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We added the vCenter server on BE console version 20. The vCenter has 2 ESX hosts that are in cluster ..... I'm able to see all VMs but when doing the backup it keeps in "Queue" state for many hours, so no progress on the backup.

Any idea? Should I also add the 2 hosts on BE console?

We have vsphere 6.5 if it helps...




Agonzalez - Thanks for posting your query. I would like to know some more details to comment better on your query.

To narrow down the situation.

1. If you are using Central Admin Server (CAS) to configure a job and tring to delegate/run it on Managed BE Server (MBE) then I suggest you disable a firewall and AV (if any) on both servers and give a try.

2. Try creating/running the same VM job on MBEs (assuming you are using CAS-MBES) and give a try.

3. Add ESX server separately (instead of vCenter) and create a backup job. Just out of curiosity wish to know the total number of VMs each ESX box has. BTW, the number of VMs has no relation with job getting in Queue.

4. Check the target storage has sufficient storage and not locked down.

Just in case this does not help, I suggest you open a technical support case.