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(CEP-17694) NetBackup SaaS Protection - Salesforce Support

Community Manager
Community Manager
Employee CPEP

(CEP-17694) NetBackup SaaS Protection - Salesforce Support

Interaction Date:  February 28 - March 11, 2022
Interaction Type:  Online Survey

Microsoft 365 depth (more capabilities (e.g., high-fidelity restores and coverage for SharePoint online, adding Teams Planner functionality, Teams connector unified backup and restore etc.) and Salesforce workload support are two of our top priorities on our NetBackup SaaS Protection’s roadmap for this upcoming fiscal year.
We believe we have a clear direction and scope for the M365 depth focus, we feel there is more to discover with our Salesforce offering and support; therefore, this survey is targeted to collect data around Salesforce support.

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