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Configure two Mount type resources of nfs FStype attribute using the same share

Level 4

I am configuring a new Service Group in a VCS cluster. In this SG I have to add two Mount resources which represents two filesystems that are mounted from a NAS filler. The singular condition is that in the NAS, there is a share that will be mounted in two different mount points.
These are the share and the two mount points:
NAS-FIller:/path/of/share /mount1
NAS-Filler:/path/of/share /mount2
I have tested manually (mount -t nfs NAS-Filler:/path/of/share /mount1 and mount -t nfs NAS-Filler:/path/of/share /mount2) and it worked, but when I configure the two "Mount" type resources, and try to bing the SG online, the cluster only bring online the first mount, giving the following error in the second one: 
VCS ERROR V-16-10011-4078 Mount:P_BI_CARGA_FS:online:Block device NAS-Filler:/path/of/share is mounted on a different mount point /mount1
The block device attribute is the same in both resources.
Thanks for your help
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