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Cannot delete old portal entries that are in a submitted state

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Hi All, 


Workflows has been submitted very long back, Cancelling or deleting the portal is not working. 

As referenced in Data Insight 5.2.x Release Notes, 

Workaround : You can cancel the workflow when it eventually transitions to the In-progress state. Note that the workflows with a large number of paths, may take a long time to transition from the Submitted state to the In-progress state.

We are unable to cancel the Workflow, above workaround didn't work for us.

Is there any Hotfix/ Patch available to resolve this issue ?

 Thanks in advance.







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Here is the link for Data Insight 5.2 Relase notes, refer page 54.


Any suggestion on above question ?

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Satish the list of patches by product and version is available on the tools page at Patches by Application. The process describes how to submit cancellation but let us break it down a bit for you. In workflows there is a status column and based on its' current value you have options that can be performed.

Click on the titlebar Workflows:


then click the workflows tab:


Even though options may not be greyed out there are still impediments to utilizing them in some statuses.

For example when the status column is draft or submitted you cannot cancel until the process completed to notify the custodian and the status is switched to In Progress. As example.

Canceling SubmittedCanceling SubmittedFailing on submittedFailing on submitted

when you have a workflow in In Progress status you should be able to cancel. Example:

in progressin progress

cancel submitted Okcancel submitted Ok

cancel submittedcancel submitted


Alternatively you can log in to the workflow as custodian (from action button), you are aliasing and can use the administrative user. Then remedy the status by completing assignment to a rule or action, clearing the actions or delegating the workflow item to another user for completion. Once all the objects are dealt with the workflow  it will change the status as well.



Note: you cannot log in to a successful cancelled workflow.

Cannot login to cancelled WorkflowCannot login to cancelled Workflow

If you still experience issues trying to remedy the status of your existing workflow I suggest you call Veritas Support and have a technician manually manipulate the database for you to correct statuses.


Not sure why this failed to post properly yesterday let me try an edit on the retrieved copy and see if it is presentable

Hi Rod,

Thank you for the info.

Your explanation is pretty much good for me.

Now, when I try to delete workflows which are in following status, I see the attached error message.

Status: Submitted

Custodian Count: 0

When I click OK, workflow is not deleted.

Since there is no custodian assigned to the workflow, it should allow me to cancel the operation, but here cancel operation is failing too, refer attachment.

Please suggest.



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You truly have a unique problem Sathish.

First you cannot delete a workflow in the submitted status.


Second you should not be able to save a workflow deviod of custodians for every path in the workflow.

Notice that I have assignments just that I have paths without assignment preventing submitting even though saving is allowed it remains in Draft status..

custodian Assignment.jpg

I think you will need a support case and someone with experience to manipulate your database manually.



Hi Rod,

Thanks for info, I will open a ticket with Veritas.