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Resolved! Out of Memory Error Java Heap Space

Hi All,I am new to Data Insight and falling at the first hurdle. During the install I get the above message. I have hunted around a little on the internet and all the 'fixes' seem to apply to services already running. In this case I have no Data Insi...

BillieBachra by Level 4
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Resolved! Incremental classification jobs?

HiI've been running a load of classification jobs from the Workspace.A customer just asked how we can run an incremental classification job.I'm guessing it may be a DQL report with a classification remediation task-?  Maybe the 'Files to send for Cla...

Resolved! Vic_output' file is about 50GB

HiJust noticed that the disk space is getting low on c:\ and looking further it relates to this file mainly...vic_outputRestarting the DI services reduced it back down but just in case you come accross the same issue.  Can't remember the last time I ...

Resolved! Classification - UK PII

Hi RodAs briefly mentioned, having a lot of msg's being returned running classification for 'UK PII'.  The customer is treating them as "false positives" as it does appear to be practically capturing all email msgs!  Firstly, can you clear up how the...

Remediation and Custom Action

Hello guys, can you help me to know how use the "Custom Action" in data insightnow, what did i do: i made test-bat-file in dirrectory "C$\DataInsight\data\conf\workflow\steps\CUSTOMACTION\scripts", with content: DIRDIR >> dir1.txtDIR >> \\DATAINSIGHT...

AA11 by Level 3
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DQL activity report data records

Hello folks,Recently I am doing a stress test about DI data colluection.The environment is based on DI 6.1 and the source data is on a Netapp sharing folder from CIFS that I put all the activity behavior in the same folder.I used below queries to get...

Resolved! Can the management server be install in a windows cluster?

Hi,Is it possible to install the DI management server as part of a windows cluster, for HA purposes? It's the customers proferred method of building out and they would like to maintain it if possible.I can't see a problem with it, but has anyone done...

CEPA / CEE support for Unity

Hi guys, I am wondering if Veritas is planning to add CEPA / CEE support in Data Insight anytime soon?I don't have any specific customer for this feature but since Unity replaced VNX as the EMC mid-range storage, Data Insight has very little relevanc...

Mouse by Moderator
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Resolved! Exit code:1; Incorrect function

We have installed DI internally as a test using Partner NFR license key. Initial configuration done successfully and scanuser credential test is successful. We have added 7 shares. Full scans on all shares are successful.All Incremental scans were su...

Marianne by Moderator
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Generate a report that shows TAGS

I can not find a method to create a report that can show either the files and path of folders that include particular TAGs.I would like to be able to create a report that allows selecting a Filer and then finding all folders or files & path that have...

farmch7q by Level 3
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Anyone got OneDrive Scanning Working

I am having a problem getting my OneDrive to be scanned.I have set up the Dev App as per the instructions.I asuume that the Client ID in DI is the APP ID that I created in the DEV application in O365?When clicking on the Authoirize button, I get an e...

farmch7q by Level 3
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Resolved! Classifying files in SharePoint

Hi,I haven't had a chance to test yet or read the documentation but I got 2 urgent questions from a customer please:- Does the classification when processing a SP site use the SP indexes or does it still need to process the files regardless-?  I'm as...

How can i disable services

How can i disable services on settings-filers-<select server>-services-datainsightGenericCollectorHow can i disable is it?

AA11 by Level 3
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