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see consumption spikes?

is there a way to create a scheduled DQL report or some other way to show consumption spikes say in the last 24 hours? to see if user moved or saved files and a share grew? so if someone is downloading or saving lots files you can stop the next day.s...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Resolved! DI 6.1 RP1 - next release?

HiCould someone at Veritas confirm the next release of Data Insight please? We are using 6.1 RP1 and the classification options are not the same as the help (e.g. customer property informtion in the pattern). I believe that EV 12.3 has these newer cl...

DQL report asasistance

Hi,  The below report workeduntil we recently upgraded to 6.1 and now it fails with syntax errors.  Can you advise why this is failing please?FROM pathGet basename, absname, created_onIf matchi(basename,’"*User name*")=1OR matchi(basename,’"*name*")=...

Resolved! Report: Items based on last modified data

Hi All, I have a customer who require Data Insight reports based on last modifed date and not creation or accessed date. I have had a look at the stock standard reports and I have not found anything. So my questions are these;Is there a standard repo...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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EMC Filer Celerra Scan user permissions

In the admin guide on ading the credentials required for an EMC Celerra the following is detailed. Credentials required for scanning of shares.Required for scanning of shares from the EMC filer. This credential belongs to the user in the domain of wh...

Retaining Share Data When Migrating Filers

We have recently installed Data Insight - version 6.1.1 and configured a number of shares. The underlying filers are about to be upgraded from EMC Celerra's to EMC Unity filers. From a user point of view, nothing will change from the filer share poin...

Does Data Insight only supports a Windows version of CEE?

Hello Team,As per mentioned in "Data Insight installation guide" version 6.1 on page 24 about compatibility of CEE.For all supported versions of EMC Celerra/VNX and EMC Isilon, Data Insight supports only CIFS protocol over NTFS. Data Insight supports...

Share Workspace does not show summary statistics

Data Insight 5.2 When opening the Workspace > Shares - no statistics are shown (Open Shares, Activity, Sensitive Files, Active Users, Risk).  We have 307 monitored shares on 40 Netapp or HNAS devices.  We have integration with Symantec DLP, and the f...

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Resolved! Out of Memory Error Java Heap Space

Hi All,I am new to Data Insight and falling at the first hurdle. During the install I get the above message. I have hunted around a little on the internet and all the 'fixes' seem to apply to services already running. In this case I have no Data Insi...

BillieBachra by Level 4
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Resolved! Incremental classification jobs?

HiI've been running a load of classification jobs from the Workspace.A customer just asked how we can run an incremental classification job.I'm guessing it may be a DQL report with a classification remediation task-?  Maybe the 'Files to send for Cla...

Resolved! Vic_output' file is about 50GB

HiJust noticed that the disk space is getting low on c:\ and looking further it relates to this file mainly...vic_outputRestarting the DI services reduced it back down but just in case you come accross the same issue.  Can't remember the last time I ...

Resolved! Classification - UK PII

Hi RodAs briefly mentioned, having a lot of msg's being returned running classification for 'UK PII'.  The customer is treating them as "false positives" as it does appear to be practically capturing all email msgs!  Firstly, can you clear up how the...

Remediation and Custom Action

Hello guys, can you help me to know how use the "Custom Action" in data insightnow, what did i do: i made test-bat-file in dirrectory "C$\DataInsight\data\conf\workflow\steps\CUSTOMACTION\scripts", with content: DIRDIR >> dir1.txtDIR >> \\DATAINSIGHT...

AA11 by Level 3
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DQL activity report data records

Hello folks,Recently I am doing a stress test about DI data colluection.The environment is based on DI 6.1 and the source data is on a Netapp sharing folder from CIFS that I put all the activity behavior in the same folder.I used below queries to get...

Resolved! Can the management server be install in a windows cluster?

Hi,Is it possible to install the DI management server as part of a windows cluster, for HA purposes? It's the customers proferred method of building out and they would like to maintain it if possible.I can't see a problem with it, but has anyone done...

CEPA / CEE support for Unity

Hi guys, I am wondering if Veritas is planning to add CEPA / CEE support in Data Insight anytime soon?I don't have any specific customer for this feature but since Unity replaced VNX as the EMC mid-range storage, Data Insight has very little relevanc...

Mouse by Moderator
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