Classification Access Denied.

Trying to run classification of a Windows File server and 0 of the files submitted for classification is successful.
If i download the failed_paths.scv it just say "Access is denied.","Scan error (Error code:5)".
Looking in the fetch log I see this:

traverse_next: 2108] traverse|Failed|traverse_next|pth=\\?\UNC\SE-S-NAS0006.xx.xx.com\COMDepart$\Q\BV\PUB1 - 2018\Stängda avvikelser.xls|moving to next|syserr=5|err=5.

And every file fails like this, any ideeas?

I have checked the credentials and can't find anyting wrong, maybe I'm missing somthing here.

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Re: Classification Access Denied.

What are the credentials of the user performing the classification?

The user that fetches the files from the file servers as well as read, requires "write attributes" access as the file access time needs to be returned to the existing value (before the classification task read the file). 

Hope this helps