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Match Function and Lists

I'm trying to filter paths from a query - does anyone know if it's possible to have a list within a fuction?  Or maybe there's another way to get at this.


Neither work, but had been thinking something like:

MATCHI(, ("/foo/bar/*", "/foo1/bar2/*"))=1 


MATCHI(, IN ("/foo/bar/*", "/foo1/bar2/*"))=1 


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Re: Match Function and Lists

With the MATCHI functions you cannot use a list of patterns.  You would have to generate a single regex pattern that matches multiple strings.  


If you had a column COL1 contain one of four values "one","two","three","four" and wanted the MATCHI function to return true when it encounters "one" and "two".  You would generate a pattern something similar to this

Pattern: '(one|two)'

Function: MATCHI(COL1,'(one|two)')