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DDA Java Memory Issue - Data Insight 5.x

During the DI install portion of a DDA on Win2012 R2 server, an error message pertaining to Java Memory may appear. If it does, try installing as Administrator. Right click on the DI executable and "Run as administrator" It has worked every time on m...

Data Life Cycle Report

We are POC'ing Data Insight for Data Management usecase. We Installed DI with 2 Windows File Servers (A and B) as Data Sources. We successfully run a data lifecycle report. A few days after that,  the File Server A lost some disks and had be be recov...

using DI file aging report to narrow migration

A customer wants to migrate only active data from his 2003 server to 2012 sserver.He is using Data Insight (DI) to locate new files which are the ones to be migrated.Is there a way of getting microsoft File manager or File server resource manager to ...


If I have Data Insight in place in the organization and somebody tries to copy sensitive data to an external hard drive, usb stick, cd/dvd etc can we prevent it? or we need other product like syamntec DLP? 

Integrating Data Insight With Enterprise Vault

Hello, I am attempting to integrate Data Insight with Enterprise Vault. On the Data Insight server I: Click on Settings.Click on Data Mangement.Enter the IP address of the EV server. I had used port 443 but I was having issues connecting the the ...

InsentraCameron by Level 4
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Match Function and Lists

I'm trying to filter paths from a query - does anyone know if it's possible to have a list within a fuction?  Or maybe there's another way to get at this.   Neither work, but had been thinking something like: MATCHI(, ("/foo/bar/*", "/f...

_ck by Level 2
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Data Insight - report.exe

Hello, I seem to be having an issue running the data againg report within Data Insight. Every time I run this report it fails. I had a call with tech support and they mentioned the report.exe keeps crashing. They are currently looking into it, but I...

ikestew2002 by Not applicable
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Call Detail Record (CDR)

Hi there, has anyone of you had some experience with CDR's. CDR's are Telco style data sets, which describe calls placed by a customer. A call detail record contains metadata – containing data fields that describe a specific instance of a telecommu...

Data Insight 5.1 - Importing wild card cert (.PFX format)

Hello, I have a customer who has a wild card SSL certificate that I would like to import into Data Insight. The origingal certificate is in .PFX format. I converted the .PFX file to .cer. The contents looks like this: Bag Attributes     localKeyI...

Data Insight Self SErvice Portal

Hello,   I'm looking for guideance, help and understanding around the Data Insight Self Service Portal.  More specifically use cases, how are you using this product? Another question:  How can I schedule my workflows to happen on a re-occuring bas...

jjesse by Level 3
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Hi all For several days on my DI 5.1 server periodically crashes the application: Execute.exe. I enclose the error that I find in the event viewer Faulting application name: Execute.exe, Version:, time stamp: 0x56c737f0 Faulting modu...

PCente by Level 3
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Limit the users from AD Data Insight imports????

Hello, I'm working w/ a customer on a Data Insight implementation and a question the customer has, is there a way, or even a reason to limit the users that Data Insight imports through Active Directory.   The customer has a large # of disabled acc...

jjesse by Level 3
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Resolved! General Sizing Guidelines - Disk space Calculation

I am trying to determine the amount of disk space that I will need for my DI 5 RP1 server. Currently I have 100GB drive assigned for DI and I need to grow it because it is has been consumed. The question is how big do I need to grow the disk? We rec...

How to change report schedule on mass ?

Hi, I have a Data insight 5.0 system with several hundred scheduled reports which we need to change the time that they run. Is there a way of changing the report schedules on mass via the command line, i.e. reportcli or sqlite; or do we need to edit...

DI logs to Arcsight

My client is asking about the ease of setting up a feed from DI to Arcsight. Does anyone know if this is feasable? If so, how easy would it be to set up, and what are the steps?    

drahrig by Level 4
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