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Need help creating a DQL report.

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I have no idea how to write a DQL report.  Does anyone know if there is a spot to go to to get reports that others have written?  If not how would I pull a report like this


I need to sort and calculate by inferred ownership.  We would like to see the full path for the files they own.  We want to see the file size, and be able to filter the report by Last Accessed date so that we can see files that are say 5 years old or older on the last access date.





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the best way to see published reports in the forum is to perform a search such as:

Saved Search

When creating a report there is also a check box for templates in the data section that can provide a starting point for your desired report type.

Note: these are stored under C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\reports\templates\dql

Example: C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\reports\templates\dql\calc_owner.template


The main document for providing guidance and tutelage is the SDK Programmer's Reference Guide in the document section when you expand the download for the GA version of the software or open the media.

That will get you to stating your query. Please post a follow up if after reading the documentation and using the template you require further assistance.