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Customer Issue with DLO

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 I have a Customer that is having an issue with users connecting to the DLO backup server after their AD account has been modified. For instance: a woman in the company named RSmith gets married. Her last name is changed in AD so now her user account is now RJones. This user can no longer connect to the network user data folder on the media server because the username configured on the client for the folder is different. What is the procedure to handle username changes in DLO so that the user retains access to all previous backup files under the original network user data folder? 

They are currently using Backup Exec 2010 R2 and DLO Client 7.0


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Please check the below command

dlocommandu -renameuser -oun domain\olddomainusername -nun domain\newdomainusername
dlocommandu -renameuser -oun machinename\localusername -nun newdomainusername

 Log back on under the new username. The Desktop Agent will automatically start.

Note: When a user is renamed in a domain and logs on to the desktop computer before the <DLO> administrator
runs the -<RenameUser> command, a new account is automatically created for the new username. To correct this
error, the administrator should first delete the new user in the <DLO> administration console and then
run -<RenameUser> to rename the account.

Hope that helps



Not applicable

I tried running the DLOCommandU commands listed above and they did not work. After double checking syntax and rerunning, all that happens is that DLOCommandU displays the Help list of commands and switches like this command is invalid. There is no documentation I can find for the -RenameUser command or the -OUN and -NUN switches. the only thing I can find related to this issue is the stopping the following Symantec Services in the Services console and restarting them in reverse order.

DLO Administration Service

DLO Maintenance Service