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DLO 8 SP4 VSS PST allways full Backups and very slow

Level 3

We were using Message level incremental backups for PST Files but we had a lot of errors while backing up pst files and restore of pst file was not good because we did not have any revisions.

I read in this forum that VSS backups are recomended instead of MAPI.

So now I'm testing this option and have some problems:

There is no local copy all 3 revisions go directly to network location.

There is no incremental copy. All backups are full and transfer is very slow.

1,65 GB PST file is copying about 1-2 hours. Network is 1gb/s. If i try from same PC copy file to network storage where DLO copies are it's copying very fast 110MB/s as it should copy in gigabit network.

Tried to delete .settings files but it did not helped.

I added images how is my profile configured and it's based on manuals.

What can i try more to solve this problem?



Level 4


When the profile switches from Message level incremental backup of PST files to VSS Mail option, all the PST files will undergo a full backup for the first time. If the delta is enabled, the subsequent backups will be Delta backups and hence the backups will be faster.

If you are seeing the subsequent backups still going as full backups, then request you to contact the Support