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Export/Import Profile using -IOProfile command

Level 4


With DLO 7.0, when Exporting the profile using command :DLOCommandu –C <master server name> -IOProfile -DBF <export file name> -E
<profile name>

After importing in an other DLO 7.0 server the profile with he command:

DLOCommandu –C < server name> -IOProfile -DBF <export file name>


DLOCommandu –C < server name> -IOProfile -DBF <export file name> -IPRGS

On the new server where Profile is imported;  In the Backup Selection Tab Include/Exclude the user added set are not present in the list.

Have someone noticed that also ?





Level 4

We tested for this case in our lab; we observed that the import of profile settings works as expected. The operation copies the data onto an xml file and then imports this data to the new server. 

In your case, we suspect that the export of data to the xml file may not have happened correctly.

Can you please check if the XML file that is exported from the old server has information related to the customised include/excludes you have added?

In case you want to send the file too us, you may provide it. We can verify and inform you if the data is present in the file.





Level 4

I have made an other test using this time DLO 7.0 with Windows 2008 R2 version

In the attached picture, the originale server (where the export was made) and in the left the imported configuration. As you can see in the Number of Revision option we don't have the same configurations.

I have attached the Export file.

I my first test I used one Windows 2008 R2 server X64 DLO version 7.0 as reference server, and a Windows 2003 with DLO 7.0.



Level 4

We need clarification the following

1. In the image that you have attached, we can see that the imported file has text in a language (possibly French) other than English. If you're aware of this, plese shed some clarity.

2. From the image the backup selection option for which the Revision Control tab is compared before export and after import is unclear to us. Please let us know the exact backup selection for which you're observing this difference.

If this is an observation you have been making consistently, I recommend you to get in touch with Tech-support and log a ticket for this incident. This will help us to analyse the issue better and provide a complete solution.