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Symatec DLO 7.5 problem with appropriate closing OS

I am a user of Symantec DLO 7.5 and I have recently saw that the application doesn't react to the closing OS Win 8. All the time when I want to close OS, all applications start closing without Symantec and the notification that Windows is waiting for closing Symantec DLO Client is showing. After few seconds the PC starts closing. 
I think that in this time application checks whether the user make changes in backup files. Please tell me what is happend with this proces, is it appropriate work or is it a bug?
My system is Win 8 and I am using CDP.

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Hi,   Not sure why this is a



Not sure why this is a problem...? I get this too on my work laptop, home laptop and home media center server. It's just a random process (sometimes Origin.exe for instance on my gaming laptop) that is still busy trying to do something.

Unless it's causing issues with backups, restores, or seriously slowing down the workstation, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.


This problem is the same as

This problem is the same as appears to be a WIndows appears to be a WIndows issue. Seen it on Windows Server too.


Hi,   this is a problem



this is a problem because the system can not log out. 
The process hangs 2 hours and still can not log out. 

That I get the message 

This app is Preventing you from signing out 

I reinstalled the application, the system is clean and still the same


any suggestions ? 

What's the setting for

What's the setting for Logout/Restart/Shutdown under the Schedule tab of the Profile settings ?

...I was playing Battlefield

...I was playing Battlefield 4 on my home laptop this weekend. Same thing. Origin wouldn't allow me to shut down the laptop. This is a Windows issue (been around for a number of versions).

Either kill the process manually or let it finish what it needs too.


I think you need to take help

I think you need to take help from the experts. I have personal experience with these guys and they can fix your problem (especially related to computer and laptop)