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Veritas DLO - Completion Backup Misleading

Level 1

Dear All,

I am using DLO and I have it set for scheduled backups and the completion backup is always messy it gives me in a day that it is 90% and the next day it becomes 32% or so for no reason can someone explain how the process of calculating the backup completion is done through out the scheduled backup and after the scheduled backup.

Ahmad Jaber



Hello Ahmad,

I understand your confusion and this is something seen more when Scheduled Backups are configured. I will try to explain why below;

DLO is primarily designed to be run with Continuous Backups, so that files are backed up as soon as changes are detected; that is the default setting. That means that the user data is protected sooner and that the load on the network is spread out across the working day, instead of all user data being queued to be backed up at a scheduled time and the processing\network load that will cause.

The Backup completion % shown in the DLO Admin Console is being reported from the user machine about the percentage of the total files that are currently protected and with Continuous backups would normally be a true reflection of the status, as the files are being backed up almost as soon as they change.

In a Scheduled backup scenario, the Backup completion percentage will fluctuate during the day, as files are being changed and queued to be backed up, as backups are only being taken at scheduled times (daily?). If the user machine is connected and can reach the DLO server, the DLO Agent is designed to send an update of it's status every 15min; that will have an impact on the Backup completion percentage during the day. For example:

  • A user has a DLO scheduled backup set to run at 1pm daily.
  • If he is connected to the network or can reach the DLO server, at 1pm the backup runs and protects all the files it can (there may be some that are in use or locked, that prevent us being able to backup at this time, but they will remain queued to be backed up next time)
  • The backup completes and the Backup Completion percentage in the DLO Admin Server now shows as 95%
  • The user then continues his normal working, creating\editing and saving files. The DLO ChangeLog detects those changes and adds the files to the queue to be backed up in the next Scheduled backup.
  • The queue of files waiting to be protected\backed up increases during the day and if the user machine can still reach the DLO Server (on network\VPN), the DLO Agent will update the Server with the current percentage of protected files every 15 minutes. That means that the Backup completion percentage, shown at the DLO Server, will reduce during the day as files are added to the Agent queue, waiting to be backed up; i.e. 5 files have been changed & added to the queue, so the Backup completion status now shows as 90%
  • As more files are changed, added to the backup queue and while the DLO agent can reach the DLO Server, the Backup completion % will reduce further.
  • That will continue until the next Scheduled backup, when the files will be protected and the Backup completion % will increase again

This means that, when using Scheduled backups, the Backup completion % (percentage of files that are fully protected) will reduce between backup times. That is to be expected if the DLO Agent is online, to update it's status and file changes are being queued for the next backup.  

I hope this explains what you are seeing and why.