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Veritas DLO not showing install certificate in "Modify Edge Server" and Dedupe storage path error.

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Hi all,
So I'm getting a problems that Dedupe Storage credentials gives me error "The specified user doesn't have write access on the path specified" and Modify Edge Server is not Showing any certificate.

I have also attached the files for your ease.



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  1. Does the DLO Server installed account is same as the DLO console account using which the login is taking place?
  2. Does the dedupe user account has permission to create the shared permissions on the server machine?
  3. Where is the dedupe Storage location created? Is it the same server machine or a different one?
  4. Please check that the Dedupe user account is not locked, which could also be why credentials are not accepted

Regarding the Edge Server certificate, are you using a self-signed certificate, there is no necessity to push a certificate, ideally, using this option is not recommended.  This certificate is available inside the product install path. 

If you are trying to use an organization-signed certificate, then the organization needs to procure the certificate. For that reference document is available.