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DA in HA

Level 3

Dear All,

I have an environment where I will installing DA 12.2.

Recently I have Upgraded my Enterprise Vault from version 11.1 to 12.2.

Enterprise Vault is 2 node Microsoft Cluster, Cross Forest Archiving has been configured and working as expected.

Now We need DA in HA

I checked below white paper which says DA doesnt support Cluster (MS or VERITAS), but NLB is an option.

We have a hardware NLB, so shall I have 2 VMS with DA Binaries installed

Then I will Have common url within my NLB something like ,"" which will utlimately point to 2 DA nodes

Then we create configuration and customer database


My question will above work and will DA client will be connected using the common url defined in NLB

Also if 1 DA node goes other will Take once NLB configuration is working:


Level 6


The database is not shared among DA servers and thus using load balancer is not HA. so which ever the load balancer point to, the user will only see the customer database for that DA server.

You can replicate the databases to a passive SQL server and write a script to update some tables if it need to take over. Check out how to rename a DA server....