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Exporting mail details without restoring

Hi,I’m looking for an option to export emails details from EV.For some security reasons we are looking for ability to get dataset of all emails in selected period.The data required should not include mail content/body and no need to restore the email...

digoch by Level 1
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Resolved! DA Export in error, after Retry ALL items export

Hello all, DA experts, DA 12.5.3 A case with a lot of items on hold. 1 search with 5512739 items. This search to be exported to ZIP file, with Exclude similar items. 3957896 items similar, so 1554843 should be exported. During export, the export goes...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Publish DA Client for remote access?

Hi,We need the DA client to be run from a browser or a desktop shortcut from remote devices not in the EV-DA domain.Has anyone achieved that? If so, With which technology? Citrix app virtualization perhaps?Thanks in advance 

advance search terms in Discovery Accelerator

Hello,I have been requested to build a specific search in Discovery Accelerator.  Below is what is being asked....(Price /5 fee*) AND (cost* OR tax* OR overhead OR margin OR expense*)(Price /5 rate*) AND (cost* OR tax* OR overhead OR margin OR expens...

bulk reject pending searches

Hi All,I am in the process of upgrading DA for a customer and found that there are a large number of pending searches in various cases. As it is recommended to check for any pending searches, exports before upgrade and reject them, I am looking for a...

Legal Holds

How do I create a legal hold for a users archive in EV 12.0? Also how can I get a list of archives that are on legal hold?

EV 8 DA Export Error

Hi All,I know EV8 is out of support long back. But we still have it in our Env. We are in process of Moving it to EV11 then to EV12. But for now i am facing issue while doing one of the item Export.Its giving error failed to retreive: Error Hresult E...

Hardware requirements

I am about to install my first installation of Discovery Accelerator and I'd like to have a good idea of what I should allocate for memory and cpu to get me started.

Discovery Accelerator metadata encryption

Hi guys i have little question about comunication between client and discovery accelerator using port 8085 and 8086, in As part of typical Compliance officer role, he/she will need to have the rights to preview the original items (emails or attachmen...

DA12.3 - move databases to Always On

Hello, We're in process of getting SQL Always On setup. Eventually we'll need to move databases to this new setup. For EV itself, this is described in the Administrators guide.  For DA, I could not find it. Is it as simple as adjusting the config fil...

GertjanA by Moderator
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