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Discovery Accelerator metadata encryption

Hi guys 

i have little question about comunication between client and discovery accelerator using port 8085 and 8086, in As part of typical Compliance officer role, he/she will need to have the rights to preview the original items (emails or attachment) and download the original items for further investigation. Therefore, communication between DA client and DA server will consist metadata (For example, search criteria, modification of cases and etc) and data (for example preview of original items and original data). 

whether the metadata through on port 8085 and 8086 is encrypted ?

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Re: Discovery Accelerator metadata encryption

Yes, see this:


Is communication between the Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) or Discovery Accelerator (DA) Clients and servers encrypted?



Communication between the Accelerator Clients and servers is encrypted by default. Such communication occurs over Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ports 8085 and 8086, in addition to Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). The communication transport channel is transparent to users and is handled by the .NET infrastructure using Windows Authentication.