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NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide Appendix A contains process flow diagrams as well as detailed explanation.

A Symantec Trainer has shared this easy to read summary in pdf format with me.

I would like to share it here for the benefit of the greater community.


Thanks for the document upload.



Much better than the older one...Thanks both :)


Much easier to understand.

Thanks again

Thanks Marianne as usual. :)

great doc.

Hi Guys

I created the attached file from the NBU Manual back in the day(NBU6.5). Being a bit of a noobie[I still am] I created it to get my head around the NBU processes. 

It's a power point presentation that shows the process flow, where to look at/for logs and how to stop and start the process. Hopefully it will be of some help to somebody else out there.

Great stuff!

Your name looks South African or Dutch?

Hi Marianne

Ek is 'n Afrikaner :-). Maar my van is maar nederlands. Bly om te sien iemand het darm die post gesien.



hahahahhahaha nou is dit 'n Afrikaanse site hierdie ............. Welkom Broer ...............

Ons Suid-Afrikaners weet hoe om self-voorsienend te wees!

The slide-show is AWESOME!!

... ons sal altyd die tall praat.


Here is the attached one of the old document about NBU process flow 

You will notice that Figure 1 contains a 'nbgenjob' process which was used to manage multiple streams in NBU 6.0. This process was removed in NBU 6.5. This why I was so glad when I found this new, updated doc.

Same 6.0 doc also published here:


It is good

Good document


NETBACKUP Process flow.pptx  

 was encrypted.

When open it, it required password.

Thank you, this doc really helps!!

Not encrypted, just password-protected.

You should be able to open 'read-only'.


View the doc as a slide show.

Thanks so much for sharing -- this is a great document to help understand process flow within NBU .  

Ik ben niet Nederlands maar dankzij allemaal hetzelfde



hi marianne

do we have similar process flow diagram for DeDupe also


PPTX has some scrambled letters, it is possible to get te password to move them?

@muzzu - PPTX is working fine, Kindly go through the PPTX document using slideshow method, step by step documentation works fine.




it is quite deep detailed information you hve shared

Thaxn for this. can u post similar for backup exec if yu have



This is a wonderful flow however I found that you do not discribe the Master Server / Client communications that take place during a multistream backup. We found out reciently that we cannot even start then if you have "Allow multiple streams" selected and the master server cannot talk to the client.

thanks for the pdf and pptx. thank you both :)

Thanks Marianne for the best doc which explains process flow very clearly.

Thanks William for sharing the PPT created which is exellent for understanding the process of netbackup and logs too.


very good very good TKS Marianne van den Berg

awesome thing... just looking for a Backup Exec 2012 Process Flow.. any flow charts in circulation?

OpsCenter Database

Schema document wink

It's wonderful. I deployed NBU many times but I don't strong understand about process flow diagram. With this document I more confident to troubeshoot for my customer.


Good Link :)


got it thanks

Nice document

Nice shared guy. 


Please tell me about SLP (Storage Lifecycle Policy).

Thanks alot guys


Really, this is one of the usfull post i ever seen.

HI Neeraj,


SLP is (Stoarge Lifecycle Policy).  we will use for backup retention purpose and also  we can create duplications from one datacenter to another dcenter

The Index Reference card at the top of the thread is simplistic and covers the majority of the logs you'll need for basic backups to tape. The power point is good also for an overview.

The posted by Marianne is the best public document available. There are mistakes in this document too. The most obvious is the lack of BPCD even being mentioned and others.

The netbackup 7.5 troubleshooting guide gives us more information about the process flow that is correct and accurate.  What is missing is the call backs some processes make shown in Marianne's link. 

There is not one document that shows a lot of the differences when the same process flow is used with other features. (VMware, Accelerator, BMR, Snapshots, etc). The more you know about the product the easier our jobs become. From a Detailed status and the point of failure we know what host to go to and which logs to enable.

To get the most definitive answer on the process flow. Shut down netbackup. Enable verbose = 5 and Vxlogs to 6. Use the mklogdir. Then configure a one file backup all on the master server as the client. Use the Detailed status to give the pid number you'll need to find in the logs along with the above guides as to which log to read first.

The other option is to inquire with Education Services and have a class taught on the subject.

Happy Backup. 


thanks nice doc 

Thanks, it will be very useful !!

After you understand how NetBackup works, It is much easier to open the right logs to troubleshoot your problem. The next link should be very useful:

Symantec's Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0 Unified Logging (VxUL) Quick Reference