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VMware Instant Recovery Java Console GUI

Please Note: This is not an “official” download and as such is not a Symantec supported tool. Use at your own risk. I would like to share and make available a home made solution developed by Symantec Consulting Brazil, a graphical user interface to ...

SCARPARO-br by Not applicable
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A Windows VBScript to download NetBackup patch kits.

Hi, hopefully some will find this script useful.  It can be used to download NetBackup patch kits, and dosumentation sets. Before using, please be sure to read both sections of notes, near the top of the script (just after the version history table)....

sdo by Moderator
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SharePoint Configuration Troubleshooter.

Hey Guys, I am back with a new tool that helps in troubleshooting Netbackup SharePoint Agent Configurations. SharePoint Configuration Troubleshooter (SPCT.exe ) is a GUI based tool that will help the support and customers troubleshoot issue related...

Microsoft Visio Stencils for NetBackup 5230 Appliances

Microsoft Visio Stencils for third generation NetBackup Appliances can be downloaded from here.  Create folder My Documents\My Shapes\Symantec on your system where Microsoft Visio Professional is installed.Save the three stencils in My Documents\My S...

AbdulRasheed by Level 6
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spprobe2013.exe - SharePoint 2013 farm probe tool.

Hi, With the release of NBU, we have added the support SharePoint 2013 to NBU SharePoint Agent. spprobe2013.exe is a tool to enumerate the SharePoint 2013 farm and aid troubleshooting. This is on the lines of earlier tools for previous versio...

spprobe2010.exe - SharePoint 2010 Farm probe tool

Usage : spprobe2010 [-help] [-farm] [-granular] [-webapp ["url"] ] [-sql] [-services] [-listitems] [-help] [-user ["userAccount"] ] [-servapp] [-farmadmins]. -help : Provides help on the tool usage. -farm : Gets information about the compete SharePoi...

spprobe2007.exe - SharePoint 2007 Farm probe tool

This is a very handy tool to find out detailed SharePoint Configuration and troubleshoot the issue related to configuration and backup. This tool would tell us what services are running on what servers in the SharePoint Farm and which of the servers ...

NetBackup 7.x Process Flow

NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide Appendix A contains process flow diagrams as well as detailed explanation. A Symantec Trainer has shared this easy to read summary in pdf format with me. I would like to share it here for the benefit of the greater com...

Marianne by Level 6
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Microsoft Visio Stencils for NetBackup Appliances

Planning to design or modernize your backup infrastructure and cut costs? NetBackup appliances are the building blocks for quickly streamlining enterprise data protection. Impress your boss/customer with your design using Microsoft Visio. The Visio s...

AbdulRasheed by Level 6
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UNIX script to up drives on mediaservers

I am not the original author of this script, but have modified and maintained it over the years.   #!/usr/bin/ksh #---------------------------------------------------------------------- # Keith G. Deems # Check drives, bring drive up if down, emai...

Netbackup Frozen Tape Report - Windows 2003 / 2008

A pretty simple script to set as a scheduled task that will email you the details of frozen tapes. It doesn’t unfreeze them, you should really ask – why are they frozen? You should change the directories text in the body.txts to suit.

Netbackup Inventory Script - Windows 2003 / 2008

Netbackup Inventory Script - Windows 2003 / 2008 Save the below as a folder of your choice. It first rotates logs, in my script these are in  D:\scripts\Netbackup Media Management\Inventory\ (please change the directory to suit) Then updates the inve...

Quickly Upload NetBackup Logs for Support Cases

Are you looking for an easier way to get logs uploaded so you can get your issue resolved as fast as possible? We understand that transferring logs to Technical Support Engineers has been a customer pain point in the past and we’ve addressed this wit...

Netbackup Report Script to determine media used by clients

The attached UNIX bash script "media_used_by_clients.txt" is a script I wrote so we could track by server/client what media was used . This gives us a daily history on a per server basis for what tapes are needed in the event of a disaster. We have...

Storage Lifecycle Policy backlog script

This script report the number of images the SLP have in backlog. This script is written in Perl, make sure the shebang (#!) matches your'e location of Perl. Script will report something like this: Backupid: =  appdkba187.acme.net_1270482460 , size:...

Nicolai by Moderator
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Script to install Live update Agent on Clients

Hey Guys, Still using human resources to do netbackup update ? Just look @ NetBackup Live update. Below mentioned document wil help you to do. Configure the Live Update Server as per below document. While f...