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Its quite common for management or other teams asking for Netbackup Policies and A netbackup admin needs to keep these details updated every time there are changes done to the policy.

I found this need to automate this task which made me to write this tool.

Details:   Generates the Backup Policy Report

Input:  Provide the O/P of bppllist -allpolicies -U

Output:   Output the details of Backup policies in excel sheet

Rename the attached file to Policy List Parser.exe and Enjoy cool
Hope you all find it useful.

Satkay Satish


I was reviewing the file Policy List Parser.txt, but is not legible, can u check please.

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your interest. The attached file is a utility coded in VB.

1: Right Click on the download link and select "Save As" to save it to your desktop.

2: You need to rename the downloaded file from "Policy List Parser.txt" to "Policy List Parser.exe" and then run this utility.

3: Once the tool is running a the attached screen comes up.

4: Collect the o/p of bppllist -allpolicies -U from your master server and copy it to your system.

5: Provide the o/p file to the policy list parser utility.

6: Provide a suitable name for the report( Eg. Policy_List_18_Sep.xls). Its generated in the directory where the utility is present

PS: The PC on which this tool runs need to have EXCEL installed.



Satkay Satish


I try to execute the vbs but i have this message:


Subscript out of range (Error 9)

U know why?

thanks a lot


Giorgio Iozzo

Hi Giorgio,

The file that you've generated using bppllist -allpolicies -U is incorrect.

Can you please share the output of the above command. It should work fine. Also the above tool is tested with NBU 6.5 & NBU 7. If you need older version for NBU6, I can share it. :)





Thanks for posting ...this very useful , it reduces lot of times policy report creationsmiley


i attach my bppllist -allpolicies -U output....if it's incorrect i don't know where

thanks a lot



Hi Giorgio,

The input file is correct. I've run the same tool on my system and it runs fine without any errors.

It would also won't run if there is no Excel installed on your system.

I've attached the generated output.




Could be a language problem of office?I think that the porblem could be the nazionalization.

Can u send me the source?




how i suppose the problem was my ITALIAN office.

after i install english office it work. Great!!!!!

Now another question:

Can i script the name of source and the output to schedule it?

Can i use ur great program with command line?


thanks a lot


Giorgio Iozzo

Hi Giorgio ,

My apologlies, Couldn't post the source here as recently upgraded my system and don't have VB installed to view the source.frown. Also I'm open source supporter.

Currently I haven't programmed the tool for automated run neither it has CLI, but soon can add that feature too. You can expect to have these by mid Nov as I'm going on vacations


Thanks again for testing out the tool and pleasure it made your task easier.

Will be posting another report writer tool soon.Sample report attached.( Rename it to .html as forum don't support html file)



Satkay Satish

Component 'COMDLG32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered.a file is missing or invaild



Download and copy comdl32.ocx in wowsys64 folder, register the ocx using regsrv32.


This would resolve the issue and tool should work fine.



Satkay Satish

thanks it work

Great & Thanks for the reply.

Satkay - can you please share the NBU6 version of your policy reporter?  Thanks!

Hi ldyrow, Can you please mail me the output of bppllist -allpolicies -U

I'm unable to get the output of 6.0 :(




Hi Giorgiolozzo,

As i said, I'm open source believer and happy to share. Here's the source code for everybody.

Its VB6 project.

Happy coding and enhancing this tool. smiley

Satkay Satish 

hi satay,

i have nbu 7 and win 2008 64 , when i run the command bplist -allpolices -U, i am getting the following

unrecognised option allpolices.

can anybody guide me in right direction, i want this policy reporter as it is very useful for me.





There is a typo in your command, bppllist is typed as bplist,

also -allpolicies 



bppllist -allpolices -U




i got the output when i run the command from \veritatas\netbacup\bin\admincmd\bppllist -allpolicy -U and when i got the output i can see only the columns Headers but not the data, what could be the reason.


waiting for reply

Hi abidghori ,

For windows 2k8, due to UAC security issues it may not allow to run the command successfully.

try the following.

1 : Right Click "Command Prompt" and select "run as administrator"

2: Navigate to the path of bppllist

3: Run the command bppllist -allpolicies -U


Hope it helps.




Thanks man, i got in excel sheet but i need to arrange it as the names are big, Anyway Superb.

do you have any other scripts or articles which help me in reporting as well as which helps in using OpsCenter



i would like to arrange well in excel so that i can present this a report.




  When ever i am running the parser and having provided the out file of the command bppllist -allpolicies -U and then giving the output file as filename.xls, the excel is opening but i am getting a "Run Time Error 1004" The file could not be accessed. Please help me in getting the excel output.

Hi Sayed,

My apologies for late response. Can you please send me across bppllist output.




copy the output policy txt to the same folder as the policy parser.

then run the policy parser and output as below:


input file d:\temp\policy.txt

output file polic.xls


please try it out .

Hi Satkay,

Many thanks for your share tools.

I got error

When I run "Policy List Parser.exe" in Windows 2008 R2  64 bit  with Netbackup 7.

Could U please help.


Hi Narupon,

 Apologies for late response as these days out of action due to dealing with tech support :)


Yes, I tried running the tool on Win 2K3 x64 and it worked, this is what i did.


Download and copy comdl32.ocx in wowsys64 folder, register the ocx using regsrv32.



Satkay Satish 


Hi Satkay

I've SEP 12 and ur utility was detected as Bloodhound.Sonar.9 ... Can u please verify this is not any malicious one...


Hi Vaibhav,

Thanks for highlighting this.  If doubt to be malicious, you can download the source from this post and compile it yourself. You need to have a basic knowledge of VB6 to do so.




Very useful utility!!!!



Hi Satkay,
Firstly thank you for Policy Reporter Tool
But I did't work this tool.

I got some errors. (ocx, dll, etc.) figured out some problems.
But now I get the error

1004. (Run-time error '1004 ';The File Could Not Be Accessed. Try One Of The Following:
Make Sure the specified folder exists.
Make Sure the folder contains the file is not read-only ...)

I use Office 2003 on Windows XP.

How to check The Date on which a Backup Policy is De-Activated.

Hello Satkay, I think your tool does exactly what I'm after Which is taking the output of bppllist and making it human friendly. Unfortunatly I get the following error: Have you seen this one before? Is so how do I resolve the issue.

Many thanks


Hi All,

When i tried to Execute the Policy List Parser.exe application, I got a Error stating as below,

"Missing Comdlg32.ocx Error While Running the Application."

Please follow the below steps to Fix this Error.


1. Download the attached COMDLG32.txt file to your desktop.

2. Rename the file as COMDLG32.OCX

3. Type SYSTEM32 in Run Command. (Ctrl + R / Start - Run)

4. Paste Comdlg32.ocx file in System32 folder and re-run the application.

Enjoy working on the application.


Hi Satkay,

How to check The Date on which a Backup Policy is De-Activated.

Can you please assist me in this...

Thanks! smiley

Hi Satkay,

I tried to run it bot nothing is displayed . (after i run the exe parser)

Just a black scrren for seconds and then goes away.

Please its really urgent for me to fetch the data in excel.

Please find my attached output in notepad.

Please send it on my id.

Hi Tulika,

I've generated the output and mailed to your ID.



Hey Thanks a lot Sathish. It was really kind of you to do that.

Now i am getting the below error (Thats also mentioned in your post but could not understand your solution for that)
 "Component 'COMDLG32.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered :a file is missing or invalid "
I also tried steps by AMARNATH "Please follow the below steps to Fix this Error.


1. Download the attached COMDLG32.txt file to your desktop.

2. Rename the file as COMDLG32.OCX

3. Type SYSTEM32 in Run Command. (Ctrl + R / Start - Run)

4. Paste Comdlg32.ocx file in System32 folder and re-run the application. "

My OS is 32 bit.
I have  comdl32.ocx  in system32 ,but i am unable to find  wowsys64 Folder in system32.
Also i have downloaded a new comdl32.ocx and how do i register the ocx using regsrv32??

Guys Its working fine now :)

Thanks all for your tips and specially Satkay ,as i faced all the errors mentioned by every1 in this post.

But filnally it is working:)

Hi Satish,


  When  i    generate  report, appears  follow  error,

 Run time  error '9' 

subscript  out  of range


How  i  can  to resolve  this  issue??












Well done. I've been looking for something like this to get the information in a readable format. Thanks!

Hi sathish, I have tried to generate report by the below steps 1. open policy list parser 2. i have redirected the bppllist -allpolicies -U output to the text file (policy.txt). 3. I have selected the downloaded file in the input file path c:/policy.txt. 4. And i have given the same path and the file name c:/policy.xls 5. when i click generate (Run Time error '1004'; SaveAs Method of Workbook class failed. Kindly help me to genarate the report. Thank you.

Hey Devnish,


Had similar issues too, copied the parser tool and the bppllist file to the desktop and ran the tool from there, works ok for me.

NO need to specify any destination path like "c:\...". Just give the filename in the destination field, should be ok.


I'm getting error below.


Run-time error '429':

ActiveX component can't create object.

They honestly should put a human readable format into the program. Just doesn't seem to make sense that they can't generate something like this.

Seems it didn't like to run this EXE on my Win8 box, but worked on an older system.

Nice job Satkay!

Thanks Lon Mok, Boost my morale to write more of such codes. 

BTW: going for Linux Development Course very soon, If that happens will port this to Java. wink


I hope it to be useful.

Hi Satkay,

I saw your nice presentation report for the application.

I'm using command "bppllist -allpolicies -U" and generated the input file. Source + input files both save as D:\ folder.

Win Office 2002 + WinXP. Executed the "Policy List Parser.exe", click "Generate Reprot" then Excel file opened but appear below error.

"Run-time error '1004';

SaveAs method of Workbook class failed."

Would you kindly help?