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This utility will allow you to quickly and easily restore the missing Toolbar and/or Menu bar in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.

Note: For Windows Explorer in XP Home, it may be necessary to re-enable the Address bar. After you run the utility, right click a blank area of the Menu bar or the toolbar and select Address Bar.

Usage: Download the ZIP file and extract the contents to your hard disk. Double click the XP_ToolbarFix.exe file you extracted. Choose which toolbars to repair and click the Repair button. To uninstall, simply delete XP_ToolbarFix.exe.

This utility is only recommended for Windows XP. It has not been tested with other platforms. If you wish to run it on another OS, you will need to install the VB6 Runtime libraries. 

my toolbar fix download has been running for an hour and it gives no estimated time left, download to or transfer rate is it working properly

Thanks a lot. Worked like Magic.

reboot your system and run the program again, tick the right choice and click Repair.

It was awesome quick fix.

I found the following after this. If this happens again, I'll try to follow the one below otherwise, this fix is jewel.

I have Norton 360 version 4 which includes the Norton Toolbat which I have found very useful.  However, for some reason this has disappeared from my Internet Explorer, although it is still there on Firefox.  Can you guide me through getting the toolbar back, as the previous replies haven't helped me.  Thanks.

@ Caitlin, try this - Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons, under "Symantec Corporation" be sure the following are Enabled:

Norton Toolbar, Symantec Intrusion Prevention, Symantec NCO BHO

Close and restart IE, the changes will take effect.


BTW, this forum is not for Norton Support, next time please visit the Norton Community.




Hi Thomas,  Have done all this, except that when I go to "tools, manage add ons", I don't get  "Symantec Corporation", I just get "enable or disable add ons".  When I click into "manage add-ons" the Norton Toolbar, Symantec Intrusion Prevention and Symantec NCO BHO are already enabled.  So I'm stuck!  Any further ideas, or shall I go to Norton Community.

Regards Caitlin

I do not have a Norton Environment to look at, so it would be better if you go to the Norton Forum. There are experts with Norton products there to help you.




I also have been experiencing loss of the Norton 360 Toolbar.  This just started in the last two weeks.  I am running Windows 7 and Explorer 9.  I don't think it had any affect but, my daughter downloaded and installed Chrome last week.

I have looked at a lot of discussions from other users regarding this issue.  I tried all the remidies discussed without any sucess.  By accident I discovered the following work around that will work for me until a true fix is found.

My Work Around:

1.  Before loging onto the internet open Norton 360

2.  After Norton 360 opens click on "Account"

3.  Next click on "Access Norton Account"

4.  Allow yout Norton Account to open.

5.  The Norton 360 Toolbar will be there.

6.  Leave the Norton Account window open and open a second window

7.  The Norton 360 Toolbar will still be there

8.  Surf wherever you want leaving the Norton window open.

9.  As long as the Norton Account window remains open the toolbar will operate properly on all other sites

10.  If you close Explorer and then reopen it using the Explorer icon, the toolbar will not be there.


In addition, on my machine the Norton 360 Toolbar is not the only thing affected.  When the Norton 360 Toolbar disappears, the following addins also disappear:

Adobe Systems, Logitec, Symantec Corporation, and leaving Microsoft Corporation as the only addin.

The best way to fix Norton Tool bar and Safe is: Right cllick on home bar in upper right of Explorer.

Click on Norton & restart Explorer.


There is no other way to do it.