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This is a little script package I put together to get a list of clients to point to the right SAV service to be managed. We were seeing a large amount of clients that were shown as being managed by the server but were not taking updates.

The FixVirusDef script is pretty simple. It copies the PKI root certs and the GRC.dat files to the appropriate location on the client from the VPHOME directory on your server.

The FixObunch script is a little trickier as it requires a .txt dump of the target machine names for a list of clients you would like to update. Additionally, this one will create logs in a directory to show the failed instances in order to have something to send to your Desktop Support team to have them go out for "touch maintenance" on the failed clients.

The restart-sav script is pretty self explanatory. It restarts the service.

The psexec file is the bread and butter of the FixObunch script. Any SysAdmin should get themselves the PS Tools into their library.

Anyway, I hope this comes in handy for some of you out there. I know it saved me a significant amount of time when you consider trying to get this doen in multiple "Enterprise" environments.


Of course these scripts will need to be edited according to your server info and I am assuming those who have a use for these know enough to make the changes they would need for their environment. Feel free to ask for assistance if needed though.

I included both XP and VISTA directories for simplification.
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