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New version of virtual machine which can be used to testing and training.

MHVTL is a open source VTL project developed by Symantec employee - Mark Harvey. (

I added ISCSI functionality by integrating MHVTL with STGT (


Ubuntu Server 11.04 x64 (without kernel patching and recompilation)
VMware Virtual Machine (Fusion, Workstation)

IP: (/etc/sysconfig/network)
login: user1
pass: user1
root - "sudo su -"

300 GB btrfs filesystem on lvm (lvm and btrfs can be easily resized)

mhvtl 0.18-16
stgt 1.0.17 (ISCSI targets)

1x L700
4x LTO4 (compression factor=1)
60x LTO4 tape (5GB)


ISCSI STGT targets are created automatically after mhvtl start.

start/stop commands:
/etc/init.d/start-mhvtl-iscsi start
/etc/init.d/start-mhvtl-iscsi stop

BTRFS filesystem has snapshot functionality so we can create snapshots of mhvtl setting and tape data, for example:
btrfs subvolume snapshot  /opt/mhvtl /opt/snapshot/mhvtl_12_06_2001
btrfs subvolume snapshot  /opt/etc /opt/snapshot/etc_12_06_2001
(/etc/mhvtl linked to /opt/etc/mhvtl)


Backup and restore tested with NetBackup 7.0.1 installed on Windows 2008 x64 R2

Virtual machine can be imported into VMware ESX infrastructure using VMware Converter.

links (mhvtl3.rar - 600MB):


Hello Marek,

could you briefly describe how to use this vmware appliance?

Do I need another system wth win2k8?

Hi Marek,

    Could you please upload a new (live) link to download the vm? I'm a new user to Netbackup and I'm attending Symantec Netbackup seminars, so this will be useful for me.


Both links are not working anymore :(

Hi Marek, 

Could you please re-upload, both links are dead



New link :




Much Thanks Marek... Your magical touch to mhVTL rocks.


I converted the original VM 7 format to VM 8 so that it could be hosted in new versions on VMWare Workstation (8/9) and ESXi 5.1.

 569 MB

Hello Guyz,

I am a complete novice with linux, however i have got this working in my ESX lab environment however te VM is not storing my network config. I have tried many guides but each time i restart the VM, I loose the ifconfig. Please can you assist.




Please try this

I used it to setup mine.


I fmk,


Great for this vm

I am looking for this vm since a long time. I have download  mhvtl3.rar file. Could someone sent default password please.


Hi Bernad,

    default password is "user1"

Many Thx

Hi Experts,


Many Thanks for sharing VTL dump.

Can you confirm me, mhvt  is suitable for only Physical environment?

or it will support  in Vmware Workstation environment also.

I tried as shown below Vmware workstation environment,

1.mhvtl VM downloaded from provided link

2. on Windows 2008 VM dataprotector was implemented

3.through Iscsi VTL was integrated to above VM server.

4. No Drives found error appearing when i integrating to Data protector.

Please guide me, How can I integrate to VM




Many Thanks for sharing VTL Dump,

i am facing the issue, The changer was not detecting in device manager and application also it will showing unknown Medium changer


attached the images please find the below images for your reference

Please share me the library drivers.



Which OS and iSCSI initiator? and, What Backuptool?

I tried the in 2003 enterprise and 2008 R2 Datachenter also,

HP Dataprotector


Please help me out in this issue

Thanks for sharing preconfigured mhvtl image. Worked like a charm with Windows 2008. only one thing to change ip address goto /etc/network/interfaces