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3 Reasons why you too should back up your apps in AWS EC2 with Veritas CloudPoint

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cp-download.jpgIt’s AWS re:Invent this week!

It is a good time to get to know the AWS partners and find out what they have to offer you. The 24 hours in your day may not prove enough though. The event is sold out so expect a huge crowd. The agenda is packed. And with 360+ sponsors on the Expo floor this year, I do strongly recommend that you make a list of what solutions you are looking for and which partners you definitely want to meet.

This leads to my first question .. do you care about backing up your applications in AWS EC2?

If your answer is "yes" then Veritas CloudPoint needs to be on your to-do list for sure. If your answer is "no" then CloudPoint should be right at the very top of your to-do list and the first thing you check out on the Expo floor.

Walk straight to Booth #2611.

Here are three reasons why.

#1 Over half (51 percent) of us believe it is the responsibility of AWS to back up our applications in AWS EC2*

I am not surprised.

But, sorry to break the news .. we are wrong!

AWS' infrastructure and services are many times more fault-tolerant, resilient, available and secure than what we can ever build in our own data centers, indeed. However, things still break and at that point, you need your backup.

Let me tell you this unless you have some kind of custom (paid) arrangement with them, AWS does not back up your data. Clause 4.3 "Your Security and Backup" of the AWS customer agreement states very clear that the primary responsibility for back up of the data in our AWS environments lies with us.

So, no more doubts, we must back up our AWS data, we cannot shift this responsibility on to AWS.

Absolutely, when disaster strikes, AWS will endeavor to recover access to our AWS services within the agreed service level agreement, but will unlikely warrant data integrity or accept liability for data loss.

That is why it is so vital to back up frequently. Without a backup of our AWS data, we are exposed to the risks of non-compliance and cloud disruption that can have massive implications for business. 

To ensure that you can get back to a business-as-usual after a disruption quickly, you should evaluate deploying Veritas CloudPoint in AWS EC2.

CloudPoint offers a simple, robust and cloud-native snapshot-based backup and recovery solution for your data and applications in AWS EC2. Because we built the software from the ground up for the cloud, and take advantage of the native capabilities that are already built-in the AWS platform, you only require a small, cost-effective EC2 instance and just a few minutes to deploy it.

CP Dashboard.png

Once installed, CloudPoint automatically discovers all cloud assets in your EC2 accounts (including your existing snapshots). Now, through one easy-to-use dashboard, you have complete visibility and control over all snapshot operations, including setting and assigning your policies, scheduling application-consistent snapshots, search, granular recovery, snapshot retention, reporting, and more. 

Getting started with CloudPoint is easy, just download your free version of the software. Click here.

#2 More than one in two (55 percent) of us that do back up, use homegrown, cloud-native tools to back up the data for applications that we run in AWS EC2*

The thing about using homegrown scripts is that, although they provide for a "free," basic backup solution, they are hard work. The dynamic nature of your EC2 environment requires you to update your backup scripts continuously as EC2 instances and applications are launched and terminated. Also, manual backup operations make it prone to mistakes.

CP Policy.png

CloudPoint ensures that you keep a consistent backup policy across all your instances at any point in time. I mentioned earlier that CloudPoint automatically discovers an instance as soon as it launches. Using EC2 tags, CloudPoint can soon automatically assign this new instance to a backup policy based on the service level that you define. This way your EC2 environment is never under-protected.

Make sure that you download your free version of CloudPoint. Click here

#3 On average we use or plan to use three different cloud service providers*

What's more, almost seven in ten (68 percent) of us use a backup option from the cloud service provider*. Since the average number of clouds we use is three, you probably adopted various tools to back up each cloud. Also, you often still have a couple more traditional on-premises backup solutions in the mix too – meaning you are losing out on essential optimization opportunities such as ensuring compliance, increasing productivity and lowering total cost of ownership in your everyday IT operations.

CP Plugin.png

CloudPoint is multi-cloud by design. Easy to configure plugins enable you to directly add other cloud service providers to your CloudPoint instance in EC2. Once you integrate for example your Google and/ or Microsoft Azure accounts, CloudPoint automatically discovers all your assets (virtual machines, disks, apps, etc.) without the need to actually run CloudPoint in these clouds, increasing your overall cloud savings but more importantly improving visibility and control of your backup operations across all your cloud service providers.

So, these are just three reasons why you should make sure that you visit us during AWS re:Invent at Booth #2611 and ask us about Veritas CloudPoint.

We will be on hand to answer any questions about Veritas CloudPoint and to demonstrate the software live to you. For example, we can show you how to back up and restore your Oracle database or AWS RDS with CloudPoint in EC2, and more exciting stuff!

Finally, do not miss out! There is a free version of the Veritas CloudPoint available, so you can get started as soon as you return from AWS re:Invent.

Click here to start your free download.

Enjoy AWS re:Invent 2017!

Arjan van Proosdij

* Source: Veritas Truth in Cloud Survey 2017