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It’s Time to Extend Your Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures

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Well understood as drivers of change in IT departments throughout EMEA with an adoption rate for server virtualization of 79% and cloud adoption of 56%[1] these two continue to proliferate messages of cost benefits and simplification. Perhaps we consider cloud as ‘virtual that somebody else does for me’ and gain a better understanding of the nature of where information is stored.


Whilst the adoption of public cloud storage for backup in EMEA remains well behind adoption of web hosting, email hosting, content filtering and productivity solutions it does demand a new level of flexibility in planning information protection for both the short and longer term futures. We find ourselves moving rapidly from static, largely on-premise, physical infrastructures that are designed and built to last for a number of years, to infrastructures which are specifically designed to account for and embrace change across a wide variety of platforms, technologies and delivery mechanisms: physical, virtual and cloud.


IT infrastructure is no longer built to last, but built to change across a combination of virtual, physical and cloud. You can take confidence in Backup Exec 15’s breadth and depth of integrated capabilities and have the flexibility to make business-centric decisions for IT, safe in the knowledge that information is protected and recoverable whatever your platform or technology. It’s Time for backup and recovery that enables choice. It’s Time for Backup Exec 15.

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[1] Spiceworks “State of IT” Report, January 2015