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It’s Valentine's Month – Love is in the air!

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Let's make it official. Veritas SaaS Backup loves Microsoft Office 365. SaaS Backup and Office 365 are two separate solutions – yet are BEtter together.

Office 365 Benefits Businesses

Microsoft Office 365 is proven, robust, scalable, and a very appealing platforms for IT organizations and their end users. It is a suite of offerings that allows users to deploy a number of essential applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, and many more. Additionally, Office 365 helps organizations lower CapEx, reduce complexity, and eliminate expensive enterprise license agreements.

But as with any other technology, there are challenges associated with Microsoft Office 365 as well. Many of those same organizations struggle with aspects of backup and recovery with Office 365. Such operations should be just as easy and user-friendly as using a SaaS application.

BE in control of your Office 365 data

While using Office 365 means IT admins can spend less time managing onsite IT infrastructure and more time pursuing digital transformation, it also means that important activities remain their sole responsibility, for example, scheduling backups, monitoring where various datasets are, moving/tiering/archiving data as appropriate, and managing end-user access. Even though Microsoft hosts the infrastructure, and they do this very well, but this doesn’t replace customer’s responsibility to backup their business-critical Office 365 data.

Gaps in Office 365 demand a complete backup solution. Here's why:

  1. Outlook doesn't keep deleted emails older than 30 days
  2. Office 365 doesn't offer recovery from a ransomware attack
  3. Litigation hold isn't a practical backup – it's very manual and time-consuming to restore files
  4. Office 365 doesn't offer a second copy of your data
  5. Office 365 restore features fall short – with no point-in-time restores with Exchange, and no file-level recovery for OneDrive

 Why Office 365 and Veritas SaaS Backup are Better together

Veritas SaaS Backup is a cloud-to-cloud data protection service specifically to back up and recover data generated through the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Veritas' data protection for Office 365 can fill ALL of the gaps which I listed above.

  • Automatically back up your Office 365 solution multiple times a day to a secure cloud datacentre
  • A simple integration process, linking your Microsoft Office 365 online account with Veritas SaaS Backup gets you up and running immediately with access anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Multiple restore capabilities with granularity down to the level of a file or single email message.
  • Safe and secure file sharing and collaboration.
  • Insights into data, including single-click granular searching.
  • Unlimited storage and unlimited data retention
  • A unified data management platform across multiple SaaS workloads.

The best part is that you get instant activation with nothing to install or deploy and no learning curve. Once the solution is activated, taking backups, performing restores, sharing and viewing files is very simple. This saves time and money because you don’t need additional infrastructure or administration.

Veritas has been extremely focused on cloud for more than a decade now, but we have rapidly increased this work in recent years. Recent moves include partnership with the top cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, Alibaba, and many others. With a few clicks, you can access fully-functional trials of Backup Exec on your cloud provider of choice. We also launched Backup Exec on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.

Veritas also partnered with Azure and AWS to bring Backup Exec to their marketplaces.

Veritas has declared its love for Cloud and Office 365, but like any relationship actions speak louder than words. It's now clear Veritas really does love Cloud technologies and now Office 365 (and they love us too).