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Quick Reference for Deduplication Requirements: Backup Exec 2012

Level 6

Prior to using Deduplication get an accurate snapshot of your system requirements. The first steps include determining what supported deduplication storage device and the type of deduplication you are going to use prior to installing the Deduplication Option.
Use the Hardware Compatibility List to help establish the storage device type.

Storage Types:
There are currently two main options to choose from:
1. Backup Exec Deduplication disk storage devices:
o A 64-bit Backup Exec server.
o A Backup Exec server with either one quad-core processor or two dual-core processors.
o The location needs to be on a dedicated / non-removable volume.

2. OpenStorage devices:
o The OpenStorage device requires a plug in or connector which is purchased from the devices vendor.

NOTE: Basic Requirements for any installation of the Deduplication Option on ether types for storage:
• 8 GB RAM, for each 5 TB of deduplicated data.
 The required amount of RAM can be determined by an equation
• 1.5 GB x N (the number of TB’s of deduplicated data to be stored). The max amount of stored data = 32 TB.              
 1.5 GB x N= GB’s of RAM

Deduplication Types:  

     Client-side deduplication for Windows:
• On the server where the Agent for Windows is installed, 1.5 GB of memory is required.

     Client-side deduplication for Linux        
 The following operating systems are supported:
• Linux kernel Version 2.6 and later
• SUSE Version 11 and SP1
• Red Hat Version 5.5
• Asianux Server 3

 The following deduplication devices can be used:
• Deduplication disk storage device
• Symantec PureDisk Open Storage device. This is the only supported type of
OpenStorage device for Linux.

 The following Backup Exec options are required:
• Agent for Linux
• Deduplication Option

For more information please see:
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