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Enterprise Data Services Community Blog
Enterprise Data Services Community Blog is the perfect place to share short, timely insights including product tips, news and other information relevant to the community.

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Great Resource

I would just like to say THANKS to Archiving and E-Discovery group. I work in a mid-size company and have to wear more that one hat. This group has been an invaluable resource to me. I can easily say ...


Moving MSMQ on Windows Server 2012 for EV11

There is no way to use a GUI to move MSMQ on Windows Server 2012. You can move MSMQ using PowerShell. NOTE: In the example below I have created a new MSMQ folder on G:\. The path is G:\MSMQ. You do no...


$9 Million for Email 'Failures'

I stumbled across this article the other day. LPL Fined $9 Million for Email 'Failures' here and also


Enterprise Vault Accounts and Permissions

The following two articles provide the necessary information on the various accounts and users that are involved in an Enterprise Vault environment, as well as the permissions required by each. Enterp...


How to upgrade Discovery Accelerator 9.0.4 to 10.0.2

This blog expalins how to upgrade Discovery Accelerator 9.0.4 to Discovery Accelerator 10.0.2 Pre-Requisites: OS: Win2008 R2 and above ( If DA9.0.4 is on Win2003 R2 than you need to migrate DA to a Wi...


Upgrading Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator

For the first time the other day I upgraded a production Discovery Accelerator installation from EV 9 to EV 10.0.1. I noticed a small oddity, and wondered 'Why?'. The oddity is that you can only upgra...