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Golf and Veritas: a hole in one for data protection

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At Veritas, we take advantage of every chance to meet and understand our customers, from hosting the Vision Solution Days 21-city global tour to our participation in leading IT industry events. And when warm weather is involved, it's an added bonus!

This weekend, we’re attending the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Arizona, to discuss data protection on the green and enjoy the day’s festivities alongside our customers and partners out west.

Holes on the green? Good. Holes in your data protection? Not so good.

Fellow golf fans know the sense of accomplishment that can come from tackling a challenging par 3. And like so many skills, confidence is often gained through planning and practice. The same can be said of a strong enterprise data protection strategy. Creating a plan that fortifies your business against the unexpected is necessary to guarantee your IT team is prepared to take on the entire course.

Take on the entire course, with Veritas

Peace of mind is possible with careful data protection planning – an end-to-end strategy – supporting your organization's success. Let’s save the holes for the golf course and patch the gaps in data protection strategies.

For insight to Veritas’ innovative approaches to data protection, join me at

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Veritas and golf are an engineering based company which works for providing cascades gold courses. You can grab a friend from to form a team and enjoy 18 holes in one for data protection.