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Cannot generate any EV reports in reporting services

Hi all
I'm new to this forum and pretty new to EV as well but this is a very interesting product with a lot of potential so I'm hoping to work a lot with it in the future.


I have set up a demo environment using the guides at partnernet and everything works just fine except for one annoying thing.
As far as I can tell I've followed them to the letter (even though they are not very clear when it comes to the SSRS configuration) but I just can't get reporting services to work the way it's supposed to.
when I browse http://localhost/reports it at first seems ok, I can see all the links to the EV reports but when I click on them the browser briefly shows "report is being generated" and then comes up blank with the message "Execution [random letter combination] cannot be found"

When I browse to http://localhost/reportserver and select the same report (or any other) it works just fine.

I can't find anything useful in neither the windows or SSRS logs

for those not familiar with the demo setup guides the environment consists of:
Windows Server 2003 SP2 with AD
Exchange 2007
EV 8.0 (I'm running SP2 though)
SQL 2005 SP2
all installed on the same virtual server

all suggestions and ideas are welcome
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can you paste us whats in the

can you paste us whats in the SRS logs for the report server?

Without seeing exact errors

Without seeing exact errors it is hard to tell but we did have to changed the report services permissions inside

rsreportserver.config to use the following


            <Extension Name="Windows" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Authorization.WindowsAuthorization,Microsoft.ReportingServices.Authorization" />



            <Extension Name="Windows" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Authentication.WindowsAuthentication,Microsoft.ReportingServices.Authorization" />


i think its more of a time

i think its more of a time out issue than a permissions issue tbh, but thats just me
SQL Reporting is so unneedlessly slow, not an EV problem at all, just a strangely slow architected product from MS