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EV Outlook Add-in - Remember Username

I'm looking for a way to make the EV Outlook Add-in remember the username once it has been entered. Since our email service is in another untrusted domain, Outlook remembers the username, but the EV client requires [domain name]/[username] to be entered each time an EV logon prompt appears. is there a way to set the EV client (8.0 version) to also remember this?

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Go to Start -> Run -> Type

Go to Start -> Run -> Type "Control Userpasswords2" and press OK
Go to the Advanced tab and select "Manage Passwords"

hit Add and then put in the EV Server and your username and password

Thanks for the response and

Thanks for the response and idea. We're dealing with a few thousand users, so I was hoping there was some checkbox on the EV server side, or adjustment in the client package, that would do something like cache a cookie at the client to record the previous domain\username that worked or something that could be set at one place and influence all.  Again, appreciate the quick response.

Unfortunately theres nothing

Unfortunately theres nothing that can be done as its purely a Windows and IIS authentication issue

Potentially .... This could

Potentially ....

This could be added to the ideas section, or submitted on the enhancements web site.  (The client could give the password prompt, and have a tick box saying "remember password").
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