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HTTPS to HTTP rewrite in OWA for Enterprise Vault Extensions?

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Something happened a few months back and the Enterprise Vault extensions in Outlook Web quit working.  What's happening is users click on the EV links in OWA and it tries to direct users to  But the link really is  We had a load balancer swapped out and one theory was a load balancer re-write rule wasnt in place.  But I was talking to a Senior Engineer in the Networking team and he doesn't believe this is the problem.  The load balancer gets the user to the OWA page so they can login.  The content inside the page isn't controlled by the load balancer at all.  The link to Enterprise Vault wouldn't be controlled by the load balancer.  Each of our Enterprise Vault servers (8 of them) are all single server (non-clustered and not behind a load balancer.)  So, how would I configure the link on our OWA page to rewrite or link directly to http instead of https?


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Which versions of EV and Exchange are you using?

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Is it when trying to open a LINK from within an email?

Probably then you'd need to rebuild the shortcut body to replace the links.

Is it when trying to open a shortcut from OWA?

Probably then you'll need to configure/reconfigure EV to use HTTP rather than HTTPS

Working for

Exchange 2010 SP3 and EV 9.0.2

Attached is the bottom left of OWA.  Neither of these links work because they attempt to open https instead of http.

I can't reconfigure EV to use HTTP rather than HTTPS.  It's already set to use HTTP.  I would have to reconfigure it to use HTTPS, but this would involve registering certs and other SSL stuff.  This used to work and I'm not sure what broke or changed.

The best solution would be to somehow get the links in OWA to point directly to http rather than having to figure out how to do a re-write of the URL.

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It will be something to do with how the EV url has been configured. I wonder if someone previously setup different internal/external URLs for EV, and the criteria for using it has changed. For example, the load balancer may have changed it's internal IP address. The article below gives more details, so have a read of that and check the policy and web.config settings it mentions.


So, I feel like I'm a little closer to the solution but not quite there.  To allow the EV extensions to show in OWA, I need to add our domain to compatibility view of IE.  That part I've known.  But everytime I delete my IE temp files, I didn't notice it was also resetting my IE compatibility view sites which is required to see the extensions in OWA.

So, I was poking around in our CAS servers and I found under IIS settings under the EnterpriseVault folder, there's an option for HTTP rewrite.  But this option is unchecked.  So, at that point, I thought I found it.

But, what I did was I changed my host file so I bound our CAS server address to a CAS IP bypassing our load balancer.  Once doing this, I opened up OWA and noticed the EV extensions are there and when I click on it, it properly re-writes to HTTP and works as intended.

So, when doing this, I'm bypassing our load balancer and it appears everything works.  As soon as I change my host file back and hit our OWA via the load balancer (and make sure to erase temp files and add our domain back to the comptability view sites), owa shows the plugin but it does not rewrite the https to http. 

It appears that when I'm not behind the CAS array, either the CAS server or the EV server is re-writing the https to http.  (I can almost see it do it, but it's so fast I can't say 100% for sure.)  None the less, when not behind the load balancer, it works fine.  As soon as I'm behind the load balancer, the re-write doesn't happen anymore.

Our networking team said a week or so back that once the load balancer gets me to OWA, the load balancer's job is done.  It doesn't do anything with anything inside the website.  So, he says he's not his problem.  The EV servers are not behind the load balancer.  But it still really seems to be pointing towards it even though I understand his logic.

Even now knowing that if bypassing the load balancer the https rewrites to http.  But I don't know what is doing it.  So, it still makes a hard case to tell the networking guys to fix it when I can't explain why bypassing the load balancer the re-write works.

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The external/internal URL swirtch can be determined by the IP address of the load balancer. So if the request comes in via the load balancer, the OWA extensions can give a different URL to the client to use for EV.

Check the web.config file on the CAS server for any EnterpriseVault settings (as described in the above link)