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Migrating to Exchange 2016

Level 3

Anyone done 2010 to 2016 migration with EV 12 with Both version running at the same time ?

After I've added 2016 to EV, moved EV service account to 2016, there are lots of erros.

1. Can't enable mailbox created on 2016 - freezes and timesout.

2. Lots of Event ID 3230

Could not create a new MAPI session on Exchange server 'Server1.
The most likely cause is a connection issue that is causing excessive delays in the task. This can often be recovered by restarting the MAPI related tasks.

Internal References:
Unable to get exclusive access to the MAPI thread pool.
Mutex name: Lie mode lock
Reason: Last lock holder: Process <17176> <ArchiveTask> Thread <11164>

3.Lots of Event ID 7206

A locking error has occurred in CEVMAPILieModeLock : 0x102
Internal reference: STRL Write Mutex HrMAPIOpenMsgStoreKvs

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

* before adding 2016 server with support, everhyting is working fine.

So far, support is just pulling articles and have not been able to move forward for couple of days.  


Level 5

Sounds similar to another issue posted here. So I would suggest the same thing.

You can check if the throttling policy is set from exchange 2016 server: