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OWA controls with dual CAS (2007 sp3 EV)

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I have an Exchange environment that has 2x CAS Servers and EV integrated to the environment.


OWA 2007 extensions are loaded on both CAS servers and both servers are listed in the ExchangeServers.txt file.


Problem is 1 server shows all the archive buttons/search facility but the other one does not. I've tried the normal uninstall/reinstall of the extensions with no luck and cannot see any trace of any erroring.


Banging my head against a brick wall here, anyone with any ideas?


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I battled this for the last 2 weeks and was getting nowhere until today.  I have a similar setup - Exchange 2007 Internet facing CAS servers which proxy to internal CAS servers.  The internal CAS servers were fine, buttons and icons all visible and working.  On the external facing ones, message icons were there, but no buttons, then eventually the icons were missing as well.  After uninstalling / reinstalling the extensions countless times, I removed and reinstalled the "owa" virtual directory on the external facing CAS server - fixed everything.  Make sure your internal CAS owa and exchange virtual directories are configured for integrated windows authentication.  Symantec tried to get me to go through the whole contrained delegate process, etc., etc.  I can't very well remotely upgrade Windows 2000 servers all around the country just to get OWA to work.  So in the end, my problem was a hosed up OWA virtual directory.  Also, I'm running Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008, which is not "officially" supported by Symantec yet.  I suspect it may be becuase of the differences in IIS, but I was unable to get an answer on that as well.  Not supported and not certified are different in my opinion.  If you go the route of reinstalling the OWA virtual directory, here is a good resource:


Make sure you have logging enabled in your web.config file though, it may shed more light on your particular situation.


Hope this helps.

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Clear the IE cache. Try accessing from different machine. Did you have NLB at any point previously on the server?Can you acess archived items? Do you see the archive items icons properly?

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I have tried from multiple machines with the same issue.


NLB has never been implemented


I thought i could access vaulted items but it appears that every attachement is labelled @65 with a 65byte file size, most weird. 


I can see the icons of items no problem, just no controls

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You're lucky, the support person I was dealing with heard me mention CAS on Win2008 and ended the call there and then! Not impressed

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It is clearly stated Exchange on Win2008 is not supported in the Compatibility Guide -


Note: Enterprise Vault does not support any version of Exchange Server on
Windows Server 2008.