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Remove Public Folders with Enterprise Vault?

Level 5


we want to abolish our Exchange Public Folders. We use Exchange 2010 and want to migrate to Exchange 2016.
Today we don´t archive any public folders with EV.
What is the best practice to migrate our public folders to EV to use the mails and objects in Exchange 2016 within a shared mailbox?

One of our thoughts was to export all items of a public folder to a pst file and import it to a shared mailbox and archive it with ev.
This means a lot of manual work to do.

Is it possible to archive all objects from a public folder and asscociate this archive to a shared mailbox or something like this?

EV 12.2.3 (12.3.1 soon)
Exchange 2010 (Exchange 2016 soon)


Level 4

as far as I know, there is no out of the box new-mailboxexportrequest Cmdlet for Exchange PublicFolders.

So I think you have 3 options:

- a lot of manual work as mentioned (pst export). but you can maybe instruct folder owners to do that for you

- if you are a scripting guy, take a look into Exchange EWS API and create your export pf script by your own

- Just archive Public Folders with a lower retention category (so they will arrive EOL quite faster)

maybe you can join 1) and 3) together as condition so end user will create PST files.