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Resolved! SEV Requirement advice

Hi Experts, In our company we are going to implement Symantec Enterprise Vault for file archiving and deduplication purposes. Our acutal total system size is 11TB but actual usage of total file size is only 7TB. So how many license for SEV that we ne...

Resolved! Extracting entire mailbox to PST?

If an Exchange mailbox has some content in the Exchange database, and some content archived to EV, what happens when you export the entire mailbox to PST from Exchange? If exporting from Exchange is not the correct way, can you export all mailbox con...

mgodwin by Level 2
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Resolved! How to Find Items Not Archived to EV?

We are testing archiving entire mailboxes of former employees. Our test account shows 25715 items in Exchange Management Console (Exchange 2010), but the usage.asp report shows only 25610 items archived to EV. Is there any way to determine what items...

mgodwin by Level 2
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Resolved! Managing Managed Folder Retention

I'm trying to do something that MAY be out of scope.  Either that or I don't FULLY understand how to configure everything with managed folders, so here's the scenario: We're running an Exchange 2010 sp1 environment and EV 10 here, and want to create ...

Nufane by Level 3
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Resolved! EV will not archive e-mail alerts from sharepoint

Has anyone ran into an issue where vault will not archive the alert e-mails from sharepoint? We are running EV9 (very soon to be EV10) and sharepoint 2007 and when a user gets an email alert (for example, an item added to a document library, modifica...

Nate_D1 by Level 6
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PST Locator - Partial Search Results

Hello We're working on a PST migration effort in corporate env using EV native PST migration tools (Server Driven approach). During production run, we're seeing below trend: PST locator task runs fine & searches workstation registry for open PST file...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! SQL 2012 support with EV10?

Hi All,   We are in the process of upgrading from EV9 to EV10 and in a seperate project, migrating to SQL 2012.  In the EV compatibility charts pdf it lists:       I want to hear if anyone is/has tested this and what they found. I would also be curi...

Nate_D1 by Level 6
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Resolved! Shortcut text banner

Hi all, just an small question. I added to our EV directory a new Exchange Message Class: the IPM.Schedule*. It's just to know if I can customize the shortcut like we did for the normal messages with a banner saying that "this item has been archived....

Rukkot by Level 3
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Resolved! Need to exclude all but inbox

I have Enterprise Vault 10.0.1  I am looking to see how to only archive the inbox and sent folder. I would like to exclude all other folders under inbox and outside. I figured it was part of the Defaut Exchange Mailbox Policy but I cannot find where ...

Resolved! Upgrading domain to 2008 R2 while EV 8 sp1 is on 2003

Situation : We have Enterprise Vault Server 8 sp1 installed on a Windows server 2003 R2 sp2. Our domain servers also are installed on Windows servers 2003 R2 sp2 and functional level is mixed mode. I plan to migrate the domain to 2008 R2 (x64)   Ques...

Gerrie by Level 2
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Resolved! Journal Items not expiring

I've just been checking some old Journal Partitions which had been set to expire items after 1 year, however I can see thousands of items that are still present and have passed the year mark by a few months. Is there a way of checking why these haven...

Paul_E by Level 5
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Resolved! Export Mailbox Archives to PST Performance

Hi - I have been tasked with exporting a significant amount of Mailbox Archives to PST for legal reasons. The in built tool that comes with EV10 is great and it does what I need but it's extremeley slow. Is there any way to increase the performace of...

Resolved! Limitations on item retrieval whilst EV in backup mode

Hi All, Would appreciate some clarification on an issue I've recently encountered with an EV9 installation. Two storage / index servers within a site / vault store group with SIS Share within the group. It would appear that whilst any element of the ...

Dead-Data by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! EV migrate NTFS content to Centera

Hi, my EV was installed  2 years ago (the retention period is 5 years) with the vault store partition on NTFS SAN and now I want to migrate all the content to Centera. In this moment  Centera is in basic mode but I have license for Compliance Plus. T...

bogpav by Level 3
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