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Hey, I have a small question...

Today I did a comprehensive check for virus' and other threats on my computer. I decided to randomly look at what it's scanning and it said that it was searching stuff like Trojan.dls EliteKeyTracker.fjha and other things along that line (I had no idea what the letters after the period were). Do I have these on my computer...because I haven't done anything really to get these and if I do, shouldn't of Norton 360 blocked them?

I am fully up to date with their software. It scanned right over it. That is going to really piss me off if I have those.

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If it searched for known trojan/virus/worm/malware/rootkits and so on and can't find them then I guess you're safe from these?
Protection software of today are based on blacklists which will never be 100% safe, so until they rely on whitelist you'll have to wait being pissed off.

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this were general names of viruses ur PC may contain
if AV showsnothing after completion of scannig, that means ur safe
If ur AV in enabled for online threats then no need to worry

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Does all you products are up to date with virus definitions ( not product updates)
Norton 360 will detect the same ones that SEP is detecting and Norton 360 will detect more than sep as its a home product and Heristic scanning is more intense.

The only reason i think they are getting detected would be the threats you have are news and it just got detected by the latest set of virus definitions that were not there in norton 360.
Anyways what you have seen is very rare so there is nothing to be worried about just make sure you are up-to-date on virus definitions

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Nothing to worry. Ur PC is safe