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I've been hit by a malicious malware (fake or not - it's in my registry looking right back at me!) called  I don't know what the source was.  It's infected my registry on 2 laptops.  You can read about what it does from wh...

Mick_J by Not applicable
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Upgrade Openssh on SGS 1600

Hello everyone, We recently failed a security audit due to our openssh version being below 5.0.  I want to upgrade this on our SGS 1600 security appliance, but I don't see a way to do this via the GUI.  Application liveupdate doesn't yield any result...

JCH_ETC by Not applicable
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Client definition size

We are getting killed on bandwidth because the anti virus clients, about a thousand, are pulling a 48 mb update file from the parent server. Is this normal? I thought that the update files were normally around 2 mb.   We are using version

AWE by Not applicable
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I have 2 question about Symantec Certificate.

1. Do symantec had plan to upgrade 250-824 (Data Protection Troubleshooting for UNIX using NetBackup 5.x) and 250-924 (Data Protection Troubleshooting for Windows using NetBackup 5.x) to new version 6.5 like administration's certificate ? 2. I hold l...

Apitha by Level 4
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Resolved! Troubleshooting paper in Veritas 6.5

I have Completed My Data Protection Administration for Windows Using Veritas 6.5, Would like to do Troubleshooting paper in Veritas 6.5 I have checked the Troubleshooting paper for Veritas 6.5 in Internet, but I found Troubleshooting paper is release...

How has Symantec Certification helped you?

The Symantec Certification Team is interested in knowing how the Certification Program has helped you.  For example, are your more productive and skilled at work?  Did it help distinguish you from other peers to get a job, a bonus, or advance your ca...

Beverly_van_de_ by Level 4
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NEW! Enterprise Vault 2007 for Exchange Certification Exam

NEW! Enterprise Vault 2007 for Exchange Certification Exam  The Symantec Certification Team seeks beta candidates for the new Administration of Symantec Enterprise Vault 2007 for Exchange Certification Exam.    This exam will test users knowledge and...

Beverly_van_de_ by Level 4
Employee Accredited Certified
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Exam and asessment differences

What differences between Netbackup Certification exam and Netbackup STS assessment? May the "Veritas NetBackup for Unix" STS assessment used as a test exam while preparing to take the "Exam 250-265: Data Protection Administration for UNIX using NetBa...

Oleg2 by Not applicable
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SSE & STS in Spanish

Hello, I would like to know if the SSE and the STS online courses will be available in Spanish language in the future? I have plenty of client requests about this in such countries as Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicara...

Veritas NetBackup Certification Exam for 6.0

 In Symantec site i have checked and found the certification exam is available only for 6.5. Can anyone please tell me that is there any certification exam for Veritas NetBackup for the version 6.0 for Unix as well as Windows ? How many certification...

certification material questions...

hello All - Are there any books that i can buy for the symantec exams such as: the new backup exam for be 12? I checked the price lists and at 3500 for the instructor or the virutal classes, its simply out of my range. all of my certifications have c...

New Beta Exam for Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0

Do you work with Symantec Endpoint Protection? Are you interested in becoming certified?Symantec Education is seeking candidates to take our new Symantec Certified Specialist beta exam for the Administration of Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 for W...

Beverly_van_de_ by Level 4
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Career in Storage

Hi,  I am working in Data Center Operations and using Veritas NetBackup. I don't know more than a few functions which are used here for monitoring backups and restoring data. I want to know about career opportunity (or should I say moneywise), what w...

Welcome to the Symantec Education Certification forum!

Welcome to the Symantec Education Certification forum!  In order for everyone to benefit, we ask that you commit to the conversation.  Don't stop participating because you are busy or you disagree with someone. Please refrain from being defensive or ...

Beverly_van_de_ by Level 4
Employee Accredited Certified
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