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How to degrade Primary server to secondary server in SSC ?

Level 2

Hi I'm trying to degrade primary server to secondary server in SSC. Anyhow its not allowing me or there is no option to degrade the primary server.

Before making changes:

1. SSC had one group and two servers, one as primary one.

After making changes:

1. Now, SSC has two groups, and one group has one primary server and another group has another server, which was also elevated to primary one.

Now, i wanted to degrade the second group's primary server, so that i can move both the servers in single group. Which is not happening since bothe are primary server and belongs to different groups.

Do you have any idea, on how to resolve this issue ??

Thanks in adv.


Level 4
Just move both the servers to one group and then again right click on one server and make the server as primary. This should make the other one as secondary

Level 2

Hi Bijay

Step 1. After moving the server from new group to the old group, I got msg box saying -> Do you want to apply new settings from the new server group ? I selected "yes"
Step 2. The server which i moved did not appear in the old group and disappeared from the previous group.
Step 3. Also the server  under old server group, which I wanted to be primary one, the option was greyed out in it.
Step 4. I did try local discovery run and the server did appear in the different group as it was earlier.
Its like going around and around.

Any other suggestions? what could have gond wrong ? I tried clearing cache several times.

Thanks in adv.