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I have 2 question about Symantec Certificate.

Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

1. Do symantec had plan to upgrade 250-824 (Data Protection Troubleshooting for UNIX using NetBackup 5.x) and 250-924 (Data Protection Troubleshooting for Windows using NetBackup 5.x) to new version 6.5 like administration's certificate ?


2. I hold legacy certificate as VERITAS Storage Foundation 4.0 Specialist, Design of Data Protection Solutions for UNIX (NBU 5.0), Implementation of Data Protection Solutions for UNIX (NBU 5.0) and Data Protection Administration for UNIX (NBU 5.0); when those certificate will expired, or not ?


Best Regards,


Apitha Rooksorn


Level 3
Employee Certified

Hi Apitha,

1. We are not releasing separate exams for every aspect of a product anymore (Troubleshooting, Administration, Design, etc).  Instead, we are creating exams that cover all core elements of the product.  In this case, you would want to take the 250-265: Data Protection Administration for UNIX using NetBackup 6.5 exam. 

2. We have recently switched to a no expiration policy.  If your certificates were not already expired by June 31, 2008 they will not expire.


Elizabeth Smith

Level 4
Hi Smith,

Can you please explain this. I cant understand this !!

Level 3
Employee Certified

Hi samiron7567,

We used to release several exams for each product.  Such as Implementation of NetBackup, Design of NetBackup, and Troubleshooting of NetBackup. 

In the last 2 years, we have started releasing only one exam to cover each product version, such as Administration of Symantec Backup Exec 12, which covers the entire product (Administration, Design, Development, Implementation, etc.). 

I hope this helps.  Please feel free to contact me at for more clarification.



Level 3

hey can u plz tell me is this exam package is free to download?